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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Alex N
That was an amazing presentation! It describes the true meaning of Life, and what we can do, as humans. I would be honored to sign and help you complete The Signature Project. I was at the Alexander Hamilton presentation on october 22, 2010. I am ten years old.

Alex Israel
That show was like going through a WHOLE NEW UNIVERSE!!!! It was a wonderful experience and I will never forget it. I can't wait until it's done! Thanks, Patrick!

Victoria Staples
This was an incredible presentation of Life. I was amazed at how multi-faceted it is and how all these components are a tribute to Life itself. Patrick Dunning's vision is a gift that the world is blessed to be apart of. This presentation is a way to inspire all of us to not just allow life to pass us by, but make our own marks in the world, for the greater good of all mankind. We are all intrinsically connected and this project reminds us of that. Thank You for sharing your vision with us.

Mary Quinn
I just saw this presentation today. Words cannot properly express how absolutely stunning it was, in every way possible. This was by far the most inspiring presentation I have ever had the honor of witnessing. We are all intrinsically connected to one another. This project is nothing short of incredible. It is surreal, and it is beautiful. Thank you.

Liz Moseman
The show you presented in New York at West End Elementary School was moving, engaging, creative, and a total experience in the arts! You are keeping the Arts alive especially in this period of budget cuts, the arts tend to be considered an "extra" and often eliminated from the core curriculum. I work with with special education students, many who don't fit in to a conventional education model. Many of them are predominately visual learners and their talents lie in the arts-visual and musical. I watched how all the student body today swayed to the music and responded so naturally and immediately to your presentation. You appeal to the whole child,her/his imagination and spiritual being. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring project!!!

Kathy Goodbread
I am a teacher at Kings Road School and my son is also a first grader at the school. We both enjoyed your presentation immensely! Thank you for inspiring my students, my child, and myself. You are a true visionary.

Liz Moseman
This show was magical in celebrating creativity, imagination, and hope in humanity. It appeals to our sensual being and spiritual side, that greater part in all of us that often gets ignored or forgotten. We all felt uplifted as a result.

Pam Ernst
I had read the comments made previously before we booked "The Signature Project" and I was intrigued by the fact that no one could easily describe what they experienced. I now understand their speechlessness. God has gifted you with creativity beyond measure. If you are reading this and considering whether to book the Signature Project all I can say is "trust me! It is an experience you do not want to miss!" Thank you for sharing your passion with our 6th, 7th and 8th graders as well as the staff. The school was "a-buzz" after the program!

Jolene DiBrango
My students and I were lucky enough to witness Patrick's Signature Project School assembly live and in person. I've taught for many years but can honestly say that this assembly was something special. It is one that will stand out in my mind and the minds of my students for years to come! --Pittsford, New York

Chetna {India}
I was blown away by this presentation. I saw Patrick this morning in an East Brunswick school,in NJ and I was awefilled.Patrick, your vision,your passion, your conviction was truly admirable. Great way to bridge the world and its differences, love being the key component.Thank you for a great experience.

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