The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I saw your presentation at St. Mary's School in Medford, Oregon. I was really impressed. You put on a show that was both interesting and fun. I wish you the best of luck with your future shows!

Shelsea Rawson
i really enjoyed the show and i would love to know when you are putting on some other shows? i would also lovw what you are doing and would love to sign my name on the project!! it would be great to know when you are having your next shows and when! please e-mail me with some information! thank you for the great show! ~Shelsea Rawson

Tim Kirkpatrick
Wow! Your presentation at my School (St Mary's in Medford, Or) today was truly awesome, in the real sense of the word, and your project concept and magnitude is greatly appreciated and supported, not to mention impressive. Best of luck with the continued development of this true work of art. Many other artists have similar ideas of this magnitude, but very few of them are able to actually put them into action. Therefore for your imagination and integrity I say may God bless your worthy cause, which is bringing the concepts of thoughtfulness and hard work to the lives of millions. As many others do, I'm sure, I look forward to witnessing the completed project. It should be very impressive, and I hope it proves to be a tremendous sense of accomplishment for you. Thanks again, and good luck.

Lauren Yaru
Hi my name is lauren and i saw your show at st. marys and i thought it was great. I just loved how you share ur life and atention to the studients and people around you. I would have loved to sign the signature project but well i thought it would be rode to not do what u said. Well i hope to talk to u and i would love to stay in touch. ~+~+~ Much love ~+~+~ Lauren

Lauren Schwartz
Your project is amazing. It's celebration of life is really inspiering- leaving me a great sense of peace and wonder with the world around us and how we interact with it. The combining of multi-media kept all the senses going to give the experience a well rounded feeling. There was a certain touch of magic that was fun. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing art.

Chloe Delzell
Hello, I am from St. Marys High School and I thought everything about your show was both absolutely amazing and entirely fascinating. I really enjoyed talking to you about it. Thank you ever so much for letting me sign this fabulous piece of artwork! ~Chloe

Erica Anderson
Hi i was at the St.Mary's presantation. I LOVE IT. i did not sign my name but i really want too. I was wondering how you find the people to sing it? Were do you go? and if posible how i could sign! This project is so Neat a i love iT Best of Luck Erica Anderson

Claire C.
OMG! ur show was so cool! i loved it! i wanna go c it again, it was sweet! thanks for telling me ur tricks! it was sweet! thanks!

Ryan Vinyard
I watched your presentation at St.Marys and I thought it was wonderful. I am a 7th grader and I signed your painting! I only could fit Ryan Vinyrd though, because those rectangles are a little small. Your presentation was the best I have seen, and I hope you have fun traveling thorough America, and I hope you can complete this wonderful work of art. Sincerely Ryan Vinyard

Anna Gaumond
Today you came to my school, St. Mary's, to present your project. I would like to say that i enjoyed it a great deal! it is amazing to me how you thought up all of that stuff to do to the painting (the UV lighting, the morse code, the music, etc.). i could never imagine doing that. and the music was one of the best parts. you play the blues like i have never heard! Yoooooooooooooo! (ps, i'm a student!)

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