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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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alex scavuzzo
Hi!! my name is alex scavuzzo and you just went to kumpf middle school with your show...well i go there and i saw it and you're a great artist with more talent than ten people combined! This is a good thing your doing so keep it up!

Mr.Dunning, I am a student at Kumpf Middle School, you visited us on November 18. I'd like to let you know that your work was very inspiering to me and it was an honor to be able to sign your signature painting. Your work is unbelieveable and out of this world. Your ideas are exceptional and I cannot wait to find my signature in your painting. Once again, thanks you very much for your insperational performance. P.S You and your brothers music is very good.

Jody Rosato
You came to our school last week. St. rose of Lima. I have been talking about you ever since. Your show was totally amazing. I wish I could bring my family to see what you have done. I have tried to explain it all to them. But I guess you really have to be there. It is amazing how your mind is so complex that you can actually but all that stuff in to such beautiful and meaningful art work. You really make people think about not only art but life in general. What an amazing talent you have. I am so thankful that yo came to our school and I got to sign a piece of your work. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful work of life and art with us. Jody Rosato

Suzanne Bilotta
You came to our school on Monday November 17, 2003. Your presentation was amazing! There was so much enthusiasm. You project is a wonderful reflection of man kind. I can't wait for it to be completed! Thank you for the wonderful experience. Suzanne Bilotta kindergarten teacher at Spring Lake Heights School, NJ

Lauren Fernandez
Dear Mr. Dunning, When you were at Spring Lake Heights Elementary School, New Jersey you told us about your facinating project. After your presentation was over you told me that if I could get back to the room in the next 5 minutes that I could sign the project. My Principle wouldn't lwt me talk to you so I didn't get to sign it. I'm sure that you get a lot of emails with people asking you if they could sign you project. I really want to do thid though because I find it very ironic that the day that you came to my school, November 17, 2003, is the same day of my Great-grandmother's birthday. She would have been 93 years old , but she died in April of this year. She was also born in Ireland and came to America when she wa 10. She used to tell me all about Ireland though and I found it fascinating. I would love to be able to sign this project in honor of her name. Could you PLEASE write back with an answer, I would greatly appreciate it. You don't know how much it would mean to me. Th

S. Pat Doyle
Patrick...Thanks for a WONDERFUL presentation! All of our kids are still talking about it! So much so that parents are now asking what it was all about! God bless...S. Pat

suzanne picciurro
your presentation in my school, st rose of lima really touched me, this was a great idea! your brothers music is beautiful! The assembly was amayzing! You should be in the "Guiness Book of world records" or something! all day i couldnt stop talking about it..! i think this is something i am going to remember forever! usually assembly's are boring but this assembly was the BEST ever!

What a beautiful presentation. You are a true artist. I loved the way you intertwined so many of your artistic talents into one show. Bravo!!

Patricia Annicchiarico Technology Coordinator
I just saw your presentation at St. Rose of Lima School in Freehold, NJ. It was great. Anyone who can hold Kingergarteners attention for that long deserves a medal. Keep up the good work. I was excited to be able to sign my name to such a project.

I loved your show I am in kindergarden it was sweet

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