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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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sup yooooooooooooow

Om Patel
Hi,pat I am a student at reeds road thanks you for teaching us the way of life

I loved your show when you came to my school on Wednesday October 2, 2018. It was inspirational because it made me think of creative things. It is also cool because one of your best friends is a NASA dude. Are you still in long hill twp? From, Cisco D’Amico P.S. you weren’t really playing the guitar at the presentation. ;D

ann beth
hi it is ab you went to my school and I loved it say hi to bailey for me. Ann Beth millington

nice project man. im from millingtonn school

Cameron Catalano
Dear Patrick Dunning I loved the play you did at millington school I was amazed how did you do those stuff?date 10/4/18

Cassandra Bernzweig
I love that art You made. Thanks for the show at millington school today. I love the way you put together art. I don't think anybody else can make art the same way you do. Thanks alot for for visiting my school. .

Lauren Colatarci
You came to my school today. I was so heart warmed. You are amazing. I really hope you finish this project soon. I want to sign one of the canvasses. Where can I do that?

Macaela Berquist
your assembly was awesome. I loved it. thanks for all your time and effort and are very talented. i will never for get it.

hi hi hi

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