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Marian Akiyama
Hello Mr. Dunning, Thank you for your wonderful presentation at Hickman Elementary in San Diego today (Feb.11, 2009). I was substituting in the second grade. It was truly inspiring to see a creative genius at work. Your presentation was simply WONDERFUL! I am going to pass the word to other schools and events. Your enthusiasm goes right to the heart of it all!

Gloria Smithson
Dear Patrick, I was one of the Cultural Art parents in the audience today at Coleytown Middle School in Westport, CT. Your art, your message, your music, your humanity combined to make an UNFORGETTABLE experience for everyone who had the privilege to meet you and your passion in this morning's 2 presentations. Thank you for touring/sharing this treasure, SIGNATURE PROJECT, with all of us! Your presentation was layered with such emotion and inspiration on so many levels. You are connecting all who see/hear you with this vision and your message. Thank you for the opportunity to add my signature to eastern Africa. This day is a FOREVER memory! ALL the best to you, your work and your continued passion, Gloria Smithson (October 3, 2008)

Bonnie Fullam
Patrick, This was the best program I've seen in 25 years of education. What a wonderful way to demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of education and connection to life!! Over five hundred students and 65 adults are raving over the experience that has enriched their lives. Simply amazing!!! Sandshore School, NJ 4/27/06

ron dupuis
In all my school years of attending assemblies as both a student and teacher this was by far the best assembly I have ever seen. If you have not seen this assembly you are missing a fantastic piece of work for yourself and your students. Today he WOWED both the teachers, and students with his wonderful presentation or art and music. There aren't enough adjectives to describe Mr. Dunning's work and presentation. If you have the opportunity to see Mr. Dunning, please don't pass it up for yourself, and your students.

AnnRene' Joseph
I saw your presentation at the Association of Washington School Principals Conference in Spokane, WA. It was amazing! Thank you for this great and developing artwork in progress! I came up to meet you, after the presentation. I'm inspired by your dedication, insight, and ability to create and perform your art! You are creating a gift of art that will last the ages of time and be a part of defining our civilization! Kudos!

WOW WOW WOW beautiful saw the project at the principal conference in Spokane Washington USA I am going to spread the word

Craig Busch
Amazing concept. I once lived with an aboriginal tribe in northern Australia and I was struck my common themes depicted in this mural. The journey of life is so much more than we can comprehend, but the beauty of this work goes a long way in defining the complexity. Thanks! Your creativity and passion are right on. Best of luck.

Deb Morgan
Dear Patrick, What a fantastic show! You offer in your show a little magic, alot of imagination, happiness, saddness, excitement, music, art, photography, and so much more! As a PTO, I took a leap of faith in spending more on an assembly and I am happy to say I took the leap! You have been blessed with the ability of not only art but a way to reach people in many different ways. Hoping many others decide to take the leap as well and welcome you into their hearts too! You are simply brillant! Best wishes!

Quinn Mendelson
I saw your show at Bedford Middle School in Westport, Connecticut. It was amazing. The paintings were amazing and everything was just so cool. There was incredible music and the creativeness was sensational. The best assembly I've ever been to and some of the coolest and best art I have ever seen. Thank you so much.

driana walts
wow wow wow .... wow!

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