The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Abby R
This is the coolest thing ive ever seen!! Youre so cool

Soledad pantoja
I LLLLLLOOOOVVVEEEEEDDDD your show it was incretabeL I have one more Question how Did you do that?

Emma Arnold
I loved your show today it was a masing your show i loved my shirt was glowing up i loved when you call your brother and played music with him.

Sarah Dorn
Awesome Performance.Thanks for coming to AGCS.

best show ever seen on earth and life I love the show and everthing how did you do that it was alsome

Dominic Antonelli
great super cool i love it #life

Kaylee from AGCS
Thanks so much for that awesome preformance at AGCS today!!! I'm one of the students here and I really loved it!! It was very enjoyable and funny!! Continue to do that preformance and put smiles on everyone's face!

Anna Schafer
I was wondering if you intentionaly put your dads eye as the bird in the signature project or was it by accedant because it really cought my attention!

I am a part uv agcs and i love your show

Mrs. Price's Class - AGCS
Hi Mr. Dunning, We thought your show was INCREDIBLE! Your artwork and music is amazing. We are so grateful we were able to experience your show. Thank you for coming to our school! Sincerely, Mrs. Price's Class

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