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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hi! All I wanted to say is that your project is absolutely amazing. It's not only signatures but art. Not only art but it displays your amazing brother, which has a stunning talent, and your wise father. I, myself found this inspiring! More people need to know this, because this is one of the most spectacular, unique ideas no one else would've thought about. Your presentation at Lewis and Clark Middle School struck me. I had never heard such a thing--each individual rectangle, each individual signature could turn into an amazing piece of artwork that represents so many ideas. So many symbols that piece together as one and represent as one is just, out of words! I honestly cannot explain how amazing and inspiring and hardworking and how much perseverance and persistence this would take! If I recall, you have been working on this for 25 years?! That is crazy! I mean, seriously people! 2-5 years! Ha, that's... a VERY long time! Anyways... back to your INSPIRATIONAL work, it's not only you

Elaena Dutcheshen
you are so cool. It was my total favorite assembly yet. Please come to holy name 1,000 more times.I would love to be part of the project the project.

Caili McMichael
Hi, you were recently at my school Lewis and Clark and I wanted to say how stunning this is. The amount of creativity is amazing and how everything fits in. I was watching this in complete awe.

Delaney Henriksen
On September 18th, 2017, you came to Lewis & Clark Middle school in Nebraska. I thought your presentation was amazing, creative, and inspiring. I have a huge passion in art and music. I want to be a professional singer or artist. You have inspired me and taught me nothing is possible. I would love to hear more about your story and ask you some questions. I definitely recommend coming back another year so new kids can see and hear your story and how creative you are. And I would love to see you again when I'm in high school and possibly talk. Keep doing what your doing and I hope you get that beautiful project done. Maybe, when it's done and you make it into the sculpture, you can put it here in Nebraska. It's a suggestion.

Josée Maloney
You are so inspiring! There are no words as to how deeply meaningful this is. The music, the messages, everything! I hope one day if you visit bellevue nebrska again I will be able to sign it. Good luck on yo project!!! ~qnnadmieror of you named josée.

Caleb Shipwash
I loved your presentation at Lewis and Clark Middle School... Also... YOOOOOOOO WASSUP MAN!!!!!! ?

Brianna Spaduzzi
That presentation was unbelievable. Thank you so much for coming to Lewis and Clark and sharing your experiences with us. You taught amazing lessons to us all and I hope I can one day sign my name and see the finished project. Me and my best friend were extremely amazed and astonished. Thank you for putting a new perspective in my mind for things.

I loved your performance today. I came home and I told my siblings all about it. My only question is why wont you turn the mural into a cube?? Otherwise I loved everything about it. Thank you so much for coming to Lewis and Clark. I can't wait to see it done!!

Autumn Hoffman
Thank you so much for today!! My name is Autumn and I am an 8th grader at Lewis and Clark Middle School. Your speech today was so inspiring to me. I love that you have such a cool project. I really liked the heart beating "scene",the red face your father, and your brothers music. I was really intreaged by the fact that your from Ireland I have a lot of family in and from Ireland. Once again Thank you so much it really inspired me!!!!

Landen Johnson
I loved your show!!!

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