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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Thank you so much for the great and awesome show.There were so many great things that I loved.Some things that I loved was the mini train set,jellyfish-phos phorus paint and a lot more. I am so glad that you came and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

dear patrick dunning hi! i just wanted to let u know how much i loved your essbaily. it was really inspiring. and i left i a wonderful mood! my favorit part was, when u where telling us about the signature project! i was also wondering if there is away you can sign my name for me on the signature project? if so this is my name athena perialis once again thank u 4 the best essemabaily ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best reaguards, athena perialis - jefferson school

vicki bas
Thank you so much for coming to Jefferson school this was the greatest assembly ever i know it is and for me it always will be the greatest you are so talented the pictures that you draw give me so much amazement i was the most enertained that i have ever been i wish you could come again it was so cool that we met you it felt even better than meeting a celebrity thank you so much for coming !

Gabrielle Del Monico
Today, May 23rd, I was able to attend your amazing assembly, which I really enjoyed, at Jefferson Elementary School! It was very interesting and not once was it boring. I enjoyed all of it, but especially the Irish Vision and the Hand of Nature. I thought the whole dad's portrait part was very inspiring, and very unique. I really enjoyed it. I hope it goes well for you! Good luck on finishing, From, Gabrielle.

Hi Patrick, I am Naomi from Jefferson Elementary school and I loved your assembly. I love the cool affects you did with your art. I love the way that you do some science in your art, it really was awesome. I also loved how you used the screen like as the thing showing is the real thing and it makes noise. I think the best and cutest part is when you showed the picture of your cat, I loved the way you scratched your cat's photo and it actually purred.

Gianna Puglisi
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your show was the best show I've seen.....EVER!You are so inspiring because you are spending your life on something that is so amazing and I really admire that! I love how you incorporate so many people, and that they are actually great people with such cool backstories! My mom is an audiologist and she worked with a 105 year-old, like the 104 year-old you got the signature from! I loved you show so much I think it made my month, I was in the back of the room but I was smiling so much! (I was also chanting your name!) IT was a Pleasure! -From Gianna Puglisi, Jefferson School, Westfield New Jersey.

Thank you for your very interesting presentation that you brought to us. I enjoyed the most how you discovered the eye bridge. Also I was really amazed of how painted the hand of nature. Where the bird and the moon are in the signature project. I hope your project will be very succesful. Thank you for your presentation.

Emma Claire Quinn
I loved your show! Thank you for coming in and giving us that awesome presentation. From the very beginning you had my attention and I wanted it to last forever. I loved how you hid so many things in your painting and how you used the different lights to layer your art work. I was surprised again and again. It was nice that it was not an ordinary piece of art, but a unique extraordinary one made out signatures and layered with all sorts of ways of art. Thank you.

Casey Engel
Hi Mr.Dunning!! You came to Jefferson school this morning and your assembly was out standing. I loved everything about the assembly but my favorite part was when you showed us the eye panting in Ireland and your trip around the world. Your artwork was pure genius.I also loved the sounds you used on the gutair to make music. I swear that was the first Jefferson has ever cheered for a presenter at our school!! You were my favorite assembly of all time and I am not going to be in Jefferson next year but I will be at Edison School so I hope that you might be able to come next year again. I think that everyone enjoyed your assembly and I can not thank you enough for coming it was an amazing assembly and I hope you come soon!! You did an amazing job.

Danielle Might
i really loved the show and presentation that u showed us today. I thank you for taking the time to come to Jefferson elementary school in Westfield New Jersey. The whole show was really fun and inspiring for artwork and the painting that you did with all the names was spectacular! I have to say for all my time at Jefferson School i have never experienced a better assembly than his one. I really enjoyed the one about the Irish eye. That was really my favorite. And again, Thank you!

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