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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Melanie Marks
Patrick, This is Melanie, VP at Tierra del Sol Middle School. Thank you so much for coming to Tierra del Sol Middle School today, 10/5/05. I have never seen such a unanimously positive reaction from students after an assembly. They were awed by you, and highly motivated. We appreciate your vision, your sharing your experiences, and the breadth you brought to our students' world. You are truly an inspiration.

Debbie Brandts
Hello Patrick, Thank you for sharing your wonderful view of life. I was a part of the audience at your performance for P&G in Lima, Ohio on 7/15/04. I also feel priveleged to have been able to add my signature to your wonderful tapestry. As I watched you perform and experienced your beautiful artistry, I thought "He gets it!!" The connectedness of us all, from snowflake to mountaintop, from human to human, from our individual energy fields to the cosmos. From the wonderful music from your brother's flute to the beating of my heart. We Are All One. Thank you so much. Namaste, Debbie

Saw your presentation in Oklahoma, with the Peoria Tribe. I haven't been fascinated and awestruck like this in a LONG time. I hope I live long enough to see your vision fulfilled. You're making an incredible impact on people's lives. You have mine. Thank you.

Hi Patrick, I'm so amazed by your project. The complexities of every detail is just awe-inspiring. You are a genius, and your work is incredible.

Susan Zimmerman
I am one of the teachers at Gill St. Bernard's School who was fortunate enough to see and hear your amazing presentation. I found myself just as enthralled as my students and I can say, without reservation, it was the most interesting, visually stimulating, and enjoyable assembly we've had in my 18+ years at that school. If you remember, it was freezing in the room we were assembled in that day, but all of that discomfort faded into the background as you spoke. Your presentation made me laugh and moved me to tears and I look forward to seeing the completed project in the years to com. Thank you for sharing your vision with us and allowing me to join with the many who have signed your work of art. 11-20-2005

Amy Salley
Patrick, I am still being stopped in the hallways and asked how I found you and how wonderful your show was! Unanimously, the teachers and staff felt that it was the best program that they had ever seen. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your work with us! Amy Salley Torrence Creek Elementary Huntersville, NC

Philip W. Leonard
Thank you so much for your incredible presentation at our elementary school (Miller School, Santa Maria,CA). Joyful, tearful, thought provoking, and amazing are just a few of the descriptions that I would use regarding your performance. I was especially moved by the reverence toward your father, and the road trip blues theme. Just weeks ago my wife and I took a lengthy road trip to see our grandchildren who all live some distance away. Your work graphically and musically embraced our experience. May the Good Lord Bless You and Yours

Dear Patrick, I have just seen your show at North Fork School. I believe myself to be very fortunate, not only to have seen your work but to have actually become a part of it. Your heart must be larger than the one in the middle of your project. I was truly awed. I only wish my children could have seen it also. You have to have touched so many lives. When God created you, He definitely had something special in mind. Thank you for touching my life. Lori Dierberger

mike haines

Anita Kermes
WOW- Just came back from Portland. Your luncheon talk was phenomenal, as is your project. I am thrilled to be a part of it and found this to be very insprirational. I want everyone I know to sign. Thank you!

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