The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I really liked it i thought it was so cool when you put signatures into a painting and when you called your brother.I loved your cat,Baily, i have 6 cats, 1 bird, 1 hermit crab and 2 bunnies.In the future i'm going to be a dance teacher,or an artist.

Ryan G
loved your show

Hi Patrick. Thank u very much for comming to my school, Laura Donavon. I loved your preformance so much for so many reasons. One of the reasons was that u really inspired me to be a musician, an artist, and everything u are. I hope I can be as talented as u one day. Thank u again and you rocked out there. Nice work, Patrick!!!!!!!!!

"WOW"!I loved your presentation.It was really cool.When I'm older i want to do the same thing you did up there.You are really brave to do that in front of like 100 know how to do a lot of stuff your a true artist! From Chloe

Your show was really awesome, it was so cool! I would like to be a artist when i grow up too! Thank you for coming to do the show! I really liked it because it was things i never saw before, and it was really inspiring for other people including me.It was really fun to see your show and i hope you can come again soon! from samantha. p.s please come to laura donavan school again!

Hi,patrick loved your show at laura Donavan School! I loved it because it was a mixture of math,science,reading and social studies.You made school fun! THANK YOU!

i had a good time it wus fun

You were at my school today and it was so awesome! Thank you!

wow! I was an amazing experience! It showed many aspects of the artistic world in a sixty minute period! Amazing I am truly mesmerized.

Karen DiMaria
Patrick,We had the pleasure to experience The Signature Project today . Students and faculty alike were amazed and proud to be part of your project. Thank You

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