The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Charlotte O.
A few days ago I had this assembly in my school. It was the best and most interesting one I have ever had. He works so hard almost no one could work harder. 20 years of work with millions of signatures that don't even cover this entire huge piece of art. He sees the world so much differently than anyone else could. Before my teacher brought me down to the assembly, I thought it would be something I wouldn't enjoy. As soon as my teacher signed that canvas, I was so happy, I couldn't resist smiling. I know that me and my entire class will never forget this for our whole lives. Great job!!!

Johnna Maraia
Thank you Patrick for bringing your artistry and story telling to Park Avenue! Our students truly enjoyed your show and my staff and I were honored to contribute to your "art" and celebration of the human spirit. Safe travels and thank you again!

Kaitlyn Guthertz
I think your project was great I'm glad to see it

I loved you coming to my school!

Vivian Howell
Hi Patrick! You came to my school Joseph J catena school in new jersey and I was stunned By your AMAZING things. You are an amazing Guitar player. Your awesome thank you for coming!

Jude Jacob
Hi my name is Jude Jacob.I am a student at Felix.V.Festa middle school .It was a good presentation at Felix.V.Festa middle school. Thank you for coming. Hope to see you again there with more fantastic technology.

I love art

Megan Ruby
Hi: I just saw the presentation st school and thought it was amazng!!!! It was so cool and fun to see and very insperational!!

mr. dunning- my daughter attended your exhibition today at felix festa middle school. I would like to purchase a poster of the signature project for her (she loved it). could you let me know how I would buy a copy? thankyou. kevin

Sue Gully
Hi, I just wanted to let you know you can enter the side doors ( double doors near basketball court) anytime after 5pm for set-up tonight. The custodian is Robert if you have any questions. You can also call me anytime 973-224-4749. If there is going to be any changes in your schedule you can contact the school directly anytime before 4pm today. The Millington school telephone# is 908-647-2312. We look forward to your presentation. Sue

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