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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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i was at wayside school i saw this and loved it. it was pretty cool

Patrick Dunning was amasing when he came to my school! Me and the other 5th graders along with K through 8th grade LOVED it! He let the teachers sign a section also! I love his thoughtfulness in everything!Thank you Patrick, and my school!

Meg McReynolds
When Patrick Dunning's Signature Project assembly came to our school, we had a number of issues. He was unwilling to make accommodations for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in our audience, not allowing the interpreter to be in a location accessible to the students, and not allowing a small light to be on the interpreter so she could be seen by the students. I was very disappointed, as those students should have been allowed equal access to Mr. Dunning's presentation. Also, the extreme volume of the presentation caused actual pain in our students with hearing aids, bringing several of them to tears. While many of the students at our school enjoyed the assembly, the lack of concern and accommodation for a portion of our student body made me very dissatisfied with Mr. Dunning’s presentation.

Scott Johnson
Patrick, Thanks for bringing your unique blend of art,science,technology and humor to our school yesterday. You took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions and inspired our staff and studnets with your passion. "The Signature Project" will inspire all of us to think about the world around us in a differnt way. Our kids were very engaged and talked about how cool your show was for the rest of the day. I look forward to following you and your project as it continues to grow. Thanks again for the visit.

Chris Altamura
when there was a assembly i thought it was something stupid but when i first saw the show it was totally different then what i thought it would be. IT was the most amazing show i have seen in all my years of school. my favorite part was when he and his friend from Ireland played music together over the phone also i love the part when he played that instrument that you do not have to touch to play. The song he played was called getting chased on down by cops on a highway while breaking the speed limit and when he said it made me laugh so hard. also once again it was a great experience. thank you Patrick Dunning for visiting our school!!

Hi i am chris and you came to my school two weeks ago and i loved your performance

you should put up a picture of the eye bridge

Michele Pitkowsky
The Signature Project was brought to our school, Oceanside School # 4 in Oceanside, NY, yesterday (5/22/12) and it was awe inspiring. Patrick Dunnings vision is phenomenal. From the very first visual of the "Eye on the River" and how he came up with this concept was amazing. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it gave me chills and a really good feeling. Our elementary school children (grades 1-6) were awed by the presentation. The way the music and stories were incorporated into the presentation was great. Using morse code, music, art, photography, all rolled together... unbelievable. It was well worth the cost to bring it to our school. I am looking forward to when the project is finished to see how it is received world-wide. Incredible!!! My name is now forever in the art (top of the earth). WOW!!!

hello I am a student from H.aston marsh elementery school i was apsent that day but my friends said it was cool and I just wanted to say that it sounds fantastic and hope it gose great

Nina Del Mauro
When Patrick Dunning came to my school i didnt know what to expect. At first i didnt understand the signature project and i didnt know what was about. When he started explaining what his accomplishment was i thought it was amazing for someone to start something like that and work on it for so long to be something amazing. It was the most amazing thing i have ever expirienced and it made me feel like i could do anything.

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