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Lucas Estern
I just saw the show today and loved it. What is the instrument called that when you get near it gets louder? (you put on gloves when you "played" it). Thank you for your reply! Lucas Estern, age 9

Jan McClelland
You performed @ my Sons' school yesterday, Fort Cherry Elementary, McDonald, PA. You and your performance was all that my Boys talked about all day. The part that held their interest the most was all things Ireland. They loved that you were from Ireland and that you included so much about the culture. We are of Irish decent and are very proud of that heritage. It thrilled me to hear my 7 and 8 year old talk about your performance and how much they really know about our heritage. Thank-you!

Amber Clemons
I am a student at Fort Cherry. I thought your performance was amazing. I think the best part of it was when you took the picture under ultraviolet light and made the hand. I loved your performance it was beautiful.

I'm a student at Fort Cherry and I would like to tell you your show and art is inspiring to even young people. You made me laugh and cry.I like the 911 part.

Emily Turkily
I'm a student at Fort Cherry. I think this is a really cool idea! I hope you can finish all the names! GOOD LUCK!

Lori Vance
Thank-you for coming to Ft. Cherry Elementary. I wasn't sure what the program was all about but it was quite interesting - what an amazing endeavor you have taken on!!I would love to hear the "stories" of all the signatures!! Thank-you for letting me be a part of it as well (panel #79!!!) Good Luck to you and I look forward to the finished product!! Safe travels...and thank-you!! 3/21/2012

Rylie Offstein
I just LOVE your artwork Patrick. P.S. Thanks for coming to my school. (Fort Cherry)

The Signature Project was sooo cool. Thank you for coming to Wildwoodo Elementary to present this special presentation! I love how you have all of the other elements instead of just the picture.

I love your music especially the blues

Jeanne Bouza Roe
Hello Patrick, Remember me from East Williston? I was the one going to Orkney all the time. I have retired and guess where I am? Yup...Orkney, Scotland! Painted a 48 foot mural thing myself last winter. Now continue to make large panels of Orcadian landscapes. How are YOU???? I see the panel is due to be finished this year. I assue that is the one layer and that you will continue with the next or will you "retire" From all the school visits. That being said, I am substituting in the primary school here! It is just next door, so no commute. Anyway....hello and hoping all is well with you and your family.... Jeanne

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