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I am so glad to see the dream hasn't died. I signed it at the Clark County fairs years ago and bought a t shirt.

Hi I am a student in fitb grade now at riker hill elementary In Livingston new jersey you came to my school last year and it was amazing how you can just ask peOple to take a pen each a different color and sign their name and you can make a beautiful picture from so far away it looks like something else than what it Is but I loved your presentation p.s. Next year I hope you can come to mount pleasant middle school that's where I'll be in 6 th grade I hope you get lots of signatures Love Amanda Scheichet

Hi Patrick Dunning, Thank you for coming to Walter C Young in Pembroke Pines Florida. The presentation is awesome. I just wish you could add a presentation video here on your website.

Thaddeus Gross
Hi Patrick!This is Mr.T,the custodian at Lightfoot Elementary in Rancho Cucamonga,Ca.Remember we jammed a little bit?Just letting you know I still think about the show even though it's been 6 or 7 years ago.So cool.Just wishing you the best and may the wind be always at your back.With fond memories,Thaddeus been about 6 or 7 years

Melisander Wildberger
Mr. Dunning, I hope that this address is an efficient way of contacting you. My name is Melisander Wildberger, and I'm a professional pianist living in Silverton who owns a large grand piano which has been and is currently in the sanctuary of the Christian Science Association auditorium, corner of Lewis and 3rd Streets, Silverton (about a block from your White Steeple Church). [By the way, I'm neither Christian nor scientist, but that auditorium has been a good venue for me to have rehearsals of chamber music.] The Christian Science Society, Silverton, which has allowed me for several years to play chamber music in its little-used auditorium, is going out of business, and will put its property up for sale 1. March, after which they would like the property to be vacant. I'm wondering whether there is any chance that you'd allow me to have my piano in your auditorium/sanctuary, and allow me to have rehearsals there, involving normally only one other person (a violist, with whom I'm curre

Hailei jacobson
hi patrick!!!! im from robert frost school and i am a big fan of you. do you have a facebook? if you do, you dhould add me. i showed my mom the pictures of your signature project and she said that she was so amazed by how you did all that you wanted to accomplish and you are a awesome person. i think that you should add me. or you could go on myspace and add me. ill get back to you with the name later. oh, i could sit here and talk all day long, but im going to get pictures taken with my fam fam. so ill talk to you later. thank you for coming to my school. you are so inspiring and entertaining. and you are an awesome guitar player. you should visit me on facebook or myspace. k bye!!! and again thank you for coming, me and everyone else really appreciate evry ting that you belive in. love hailei r. jacobson

you came to my school in silverton oregon and i signed you picture !!!!! hahaha and u said your studio was there in silverton too? is that true ?????????????????

Grethel Alden
Thank you so much for doing your presentation for us, it was inspirational, showed your passion, and was excellently organized and delivered. My students were similarly affected. Thank you! Grethel Alden, Robert Frost School

hi patrick dunning.My name is Hailey Rose Cardiff from Robert frost.I think your awesome!

Cliff Aker
Just Checking in, ALL THE BEST TO YOU!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 Cliff Aker 732-278-5132

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