The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Brian Beaver
Mr. Dunning, Thank you for your incredible assembly at Carnegie Middle School in Sacramento. Your concepts are mind-boggleing. In regards to the theramin. Are you familiar with the Sci-Fi classic "Forbidden Planet?" It is based on the play "The Tempest" by that fine Irish writer William Shakespeare. This was the first movie to employ a totally synthetic sound track (no classic musical instruments at all). It is also the first movie to use a theramin to produce part of the background sound track. You midght give it a look and a listen sometime. Thank you again for an incredible experience. Brian Beaver- 6th grade History/ English Carnegie MS, Sacramento

Robert Sanchez
I love your performs...Your the best

Victor Montalvo
this is the best idea of art ever since i saw your presentation at walter c young .You are now my inspiration in art.

lauri simmons
I think that the signiture project is so cool. i wish that i can see it over and over again, it was that amazing.GO PATRICK DUNNING! You Rock!

Yusef Shafiq
I'm so honored to see a presentation from such a genius and whole-hearted person. I can't wait to see the finished result!

Leeana Martinez
i am a student at flanagan high school. i had just wanted to let you know that the show was amazing and the art that you do looks stunning. I really enjoyed the show...

Manuela Micucci
Im absolutly struck by Patrick Dunnings Signature Project! words cant even describe the type of joy i feel because i was choosen to be a part of the Signature Project when i was picked from a crowd of about 300 to put my name in the Signature Project. Im only 15 years old and havent experienced much in my life so it means alot to me that im going to be a part of something so magnificent as the Signature project and i encourage everyone to go see the show, trust me its worth it!

Cameron bayley-hay
Thanks for coming to FLANAGAN highschool today I enjoyed your presentation :)

Maria Lopez
This Signature Project is the one of the most inspirational, motivative and I don't know how else to explain it, thing I have ever experienced. My school had the privilege of having you as a guest and I had the privilege of having the opportunity to watch the show. The school couldn't stop talking about it. One of my classmates kept asking about the presentation everyone was talking about (he didn't get the chance to go) and all I could say "man, you had to be there to actually feel everything I felt. There are no words to explain it." All I can say is keep going because it's a wonderful thing you are doing.

Michael S
I want to thank you for the most amazing assembly presentation I have ever experienced Mr. Dunnings. I am a student at Charles W. Flanagan High School, and all I have to say is thanks. You really had made me happy and speechless. I cannot really put my emotional reaction into words. Keep up the good work!

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