The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Amanda Scheichet, Student
Im a student at riker hill elementary you were great Can i sign my name

Sarah Tamagny
I LOVE the Singnature Prodject.It is so cool!

amanda scheichet
luved ur show amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. how du i sign my name

melanie klinger
i saw your asssembly today and i loved it your sssssooooo cool please come back again and you and your brother are AMAZING and you rock at art

i saw your assembly today and it was awesome

Heather Bannon
My Kindergarten class saw your show. Here is what they thought: You are incredible! I love your artwork! Pretty cool when you hide stuff inside the pictures! I loved how your heart was inside the sun! We thought you were inspiring and as one of my children said "Follow what your heart thinks" Thank you! Thank you!

Lisa Mandaglio
Patrick Dunning is brilliant. The students and I were mesmerized. I was honored to add my signature to the project.

Karen Timpanaro
I truly was amazed when I first previewed your program at the Morris County Arts Education Showcase, and even more so after viewing it in its entirety at Walter T. Bergen, our middle school. Our students and teachers were simply in awe. I think I can speak for all us on how thrilled we were that The Signature Project incorporated art, math, science, history computers & music, and rolled it all into one outstanding performance! I personally enjoyed watching how you switched your presentation up a notch for our 7th & 8th graders, from our 5th & 6th grade performance. ALL of our teachers raved on how this was the best program that they have ever seen! I wish you much success on your endeavor to complete your project. We look forward to the future in seeing the completed Signature Project and purchasing your DVD. Thank you again, Karen Timpanaro Bloomingdale PTA Chair, Cultural Arts Programming

Maria Picone
This was truly one of the most uplifting and inspiring assemblies that I have ever seen. Everyone, adults and children alike, left the show looking deeply moved by the experience. The Signature Project seemed to touch a chord in the hearts of all the audience members, and reminded us of the brilliance we all possess inside. Many thanks to the Bloomingdale PTA for making it possible for our students to be a part of it, and of course to Patrick Dunning for sharing this truly magical experience.

Selena H.
Thank you for comin to WAMS! Your energy really inspired us to look beyond a closed box and do something that takes teamwork, effort and imagination. I hope that when this project is completed that I'll be able to look and find the true meaning behind this project. THANK YOU!

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