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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Anna Risse
I'm from holland brook school, luved the assembly

This is amazing. Thank you so much for coming to Silverton High School and show me this. You have a great mind and heart and i hope your finish this project that is going to be amazing in the end.

Anna K.
I saw the presentation today at SHS and it was so amazing. It touched my heart because this piece of art has such a beautiful story behind it. Thank you for sharing your awesome work with us!

Gavin Knox
I just witnessed Patrick Dunning's presentation today in my high school and I can honestly say that I was speechless for the entirety of the the experience. It is, without a doubt,one of the greatest fushions of the arts that I have ever witnessed. Mr. Dunning has taken a strong message, that one way or another, we are all connected to eachother in this increasingly universal community we call the human race and transformed it into a presentation which possesses so much energy that one can only experience it to understand it. Thank you very much. Monday, June 7th, 2010.

Nancy Wohlbruck
Hi Patrick, October 21st looks like it will work. We have men's basketball in the gym the night before (finishes at 9:30), so it would be better for us if you set up the morning of the 21st from 7:30 - 9:00. I realize that probably isn't enought time for you, and we can cancel men's basketball for the evening of the 20th if we need to. Please let me know. Regards, Nancy Wohlbruck Hartshorn School 400 Hartshorn Drive Short Hills, NJ

Sean Lennon
Hi Pat, my name is Sean and I think it is so cool what you are doing. You came to my school, Kings Road School, Madison NJ. The assembly was breathtaking! I was wishing my friends and I could sign the board but I can see why you didn't let the students sign it, only the teachers. Where do you stop to get signatures? Maybe I could sign it one day:) - Sean

Where can I see a picture of the eye you made on the ha'penny bridge?

deborah mulligan
I really enjoyed your assembly and would like to purchase the CD. Information would greatly be appreciated

Blaze Silvernail
I saw this presentation a number of years ago at Shepaug Vally School (I'm not sure if i was in high school yet or still in middle school). I must say that it has stuck with me through the years. I remember back to the beauty and in-depth ideas involved, and I must say it is one of the most fascinating projects I have ever seen. One part in particular, I believe it was panel 30-some-odd, was a the portrait of Patrick's father, in ultra-violet paint, in Morse code. Another was a Celtic knot with the music of a song his brother had written, painted with gold paint then covered over. I used to dream of combining these ideas together in a piece of my own, a poem I wrote translated into e different languages and alphabets, painted in three separate layers, heavy metal, ultra-violet, and visible. I will be graduating in a few weeks and it bereaves me to say I have not yet done it. However the inspiration of the idea is still strong with me. I must thank you for visiting us those years ago, f

jennifer wood
i saw you at an assembaly friday at EP you where fantastic i loved it i think you changed my life thank you and good luck on your project ! by the way i love your music and your brothers music good luck!

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