The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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ayah EL Habbal
wow!!that was such an amazing assembly!It was a great experance I had today.Thank you!

Leia Blalock
It was really nice to see the assembly. I really loved how you put many different things ito your art such as music notes, sound, and ultra violet light. I wish I can see it completed someday.Thank You for coming to my school!

Leah Whang
I was inspired today by your assembly when you came to my middle school. It's awesome how you turn a few million signatures into a huge masterpiece! The painting you are planning to create with the signatures looks great. You are an passionate artist! Thank you for visiting Ridgecrest Intermediate in Palos Verdes California.

Nic Wainright
This assembly was inspiring, fun, and exciting. I would love to see it again and again for the music, message, and love.

Connie Gean
I have seen many assemblies since I was young--some interesting, others less so. But today, you left me with my jaw hanging wide open. The presentation was amazing--everything from the Eye in Dublin to the hand using Ultraviolet. I was amazed at all the little things that you had put into the Signature Project including the Hand, the music, and the recipe. It was something I could never put into words. Thank you for that amazing presentation.

Wow! I can't even begin to explain how inspiring that presentation you did at my school, Ridgecrest Intermediate, California. That was truly a wonderful piece of art you showed us. Your work is really beautiful and amazing.

justn kang
Hey I saw you at the school today and the words you told us and the feeling you expressed really touched me and thank you for visiting our school and i will live my life passionately. You were really amazing and I wish you would finish your project and one day see you on the news as the greatest artist(even though your the best artist by me). Thank you and I will always remember your visit

lars espero
you were at my school and I loved the show and I go to Rigdecrest and keep on doing what you do because you can make a change. 11/24/09

i saw you at school today (ridgecrest intermediate school,Palos Verdes California) your work is amazing i hope you finish soon and tell your brother hi

Terry Polvay
Hi Patrick:Did I mention that I loved your purring kitty cat; your honoring your parents and sharing your music with your brother. Most of all, I love the sharing of yourself and your passion. The process and the journey of your signature project is the essence of you. Thank you for the moment that was a brief hello. Terry

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