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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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great way to bring your father and brother's som together with art. from Greenbriar West ES. have fun collecting signatures! and sorry cant give email ID, or name

Hello When you came to linton middle in penn hills school what you did was so cool. You should come back again that was so cool

Soo Young Hahn
It was awesome!

Kate Meyer
Hey Patrick! I loved you Greenbriar West Elementary School presentation in Fairfax, Virginia. I'm amazed at all the people who have signed and added their name to the poster. The secrets the the squares and the whole painting hold are unbelievable! You must feel great at the amount of people who want to sign it. I am looking forward to seeing the finished thing on DVD. A GBW Student, Kate Meyer

Kristin Brintnall
I saw your presentation at Island Park Elementary on Mercer Island. Your vision is truly amazing and I love all of the artistic layering to your work. What struck me the most was how you so creatively connected people together through the signatures and how you brought your Father together with his Granddaughter. It is beautiful. I tried to explain it to people and I know I wasn't doing it justice. All I can see is it is a MUST SEE! The staff and the students said it was the best assembly we have ever had and I know we all will be talking about it for weeks to come! Thank you for sharing your work and your heart with us.

Lu Grondin
Wow! What a wondeful way to present your craft and talent! Thank you for sharing with us a Greenbriar West Elementary school. We wish you all the best!

Kaitlyn Bragen
Hey Patrick, I go to Nellie Bennet elementry school. I just saw one of your shows. The Signature Project is amazing. Did you say it took 16 years to do what you have done now? That's a long time. That's before I was even born! Anyways, what inspired you to start hiding things in the picture? You are a pretty cool guy, Pat. Sincerely, Kaitlyn Bragen P.S. Please be sure to keep me updated with what's going on with the Signature Project Bye!

Dear Mr.Dunning, You were at my school the other day and I want to stupendous there was not a moment I was not astonished all of my friends agree you were amasing! The heart, the picture of your father, the music it was all fantastic! You blew me away I really enjoyed the show! Thank you, Bryce H

Hey Patric you came to my school Nellie Benette. Do you remember? I think what you are doing is amzing!

I think this is super cool i would love to sign it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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