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your project is pretty cool!

THAT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love the project!

Liam McLaughlin
I was at Nellie Bennett when Patrick Dunning came to our school. he did an awesome presantation. Everyone in my class loved the presantation. Please write back to me because I have a question if you die before the project is over will someone take your place? Sincerely, Liam McLaughlin

Michelle M
I had seen your presentation about a month ago at linton middle school and it was amazing.alot of people thought it was stupid but it was so astuanishing!I was moved by this presentation i think what you are doing is so amazing and such a great idea your presentation was like everything in that matter of time seemed interesting and have inspired me as well.not to mention your are a great guitar player.i am also irish and i loved the irish was beautiful i have never seen anything like your presentation!i hope it turns out amazing!its a beautiful painting symblizing peace on this earth!thank you for what you have done:)

omg,thats so cool!!!! how did you get all the names and stuff,you came to our school!

great way to bring your father and brother's som together with art. from Greenbriar West ES. have fun collecting signatures! and sorry cant give email ID, or name

Hello When you came to linton middle in penn hills school what you did was so cool. You should come back again that was so cool

Soo Young Hahn
It was awesome!

Kate Meyer
Hey Patrick! I loved you Greenbriar West Elementary School presentation in Fairfax, Virginia. I'm amazed at all the people who have signed and added their name to the poster. The secrets the the squares and the whole painting hold are unbelievable! You must feel great at the amount of people who want to sign it. I am looking forward to seeing the finished thing on DVD. A GBW Student, Kate Meyer

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