The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Julie Ehnat
I saw your show at the Tacoma NHRMA Conference. It was amazing I would have loved to sign the project. I am Irish (maiden name O'Day)and I hope to visit Ireland some day it is so beautiful. Best wishes to you and your family. PS Is your music available for purchase on CD? Sincerely, Julie Ehnat

Annie Max
I have have seen people do cool things but the picture project is not cool, it's a wonderful masterpiece in the making and i'd have to say it's FAR beyond cool. I was stunned with everything! There was a new surprise around every corner of your project and i was facinated! The music and the noise makers...Your mind is brilliant Patrick, good luck with your project.

Gina Fitch
3-4-02, Bonners Ferry, Idaho Patrick, I just wanted to let know that the students and staff really enjoyed your presentation this morning. The feedback has been tremendous and your creativity is truly remarkable. Thank you. Sincerely, Gina Fitch, Alternative School

heidi arndt
dear patrick, how are you? i'm heidi arndt and i enjoy drawing, dancing, and playing the piano. i already know your talent but what i would give to have your brother's talent. his talent is a piece of "art" so you could say. did you always want to be a artist or did you have something else planned for your life? i want to be a writer. i want to be a novel writer they always seem more sivelized. i also want to start out as a young writer because my dad says that children have a imagination that souse. most people ask what grade i'm in and what school i go to. well i am 9 years old i'm in 4th grade and i go to sring creek elementary school. you knew i went to that school. well i have to go do my GT project i'll e-mail you later. Sincerely, Heidi Arndt

Amanda Worpek
Patrick, This is amazeing! Each little square filled with so many signatures. The show at White Brook in Easthampton, ma was wonderful as well. You really got your point across in the show. Thank you very much for showing me that art can be more than just a few strokes on a canvas, and life can be beautiful.

Mrs. B. Kwolek's 6th Grade Science Class
Dear Mr. Patrick Dunning, Thank you for letting our teacher sign your mural. She thought it was awesome! We thought the assembly was the best one we've ever been to. Our teacher is going to make the soda bread tonight. Thank you for sharing your project with our school.

mrs. karr's stars
You are the best. This was the best assembly in history. Say hi to your brother for us. He is very good at the flute, like you are at the guitar. The eye was so cool and interesting. We think it was very compassionate of you to put the 498 names of people killed in airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center in your work. It was very nice what you did for your father. Your music was excellent. Our class says hi. Can you reply to our messge? Please. Thank you for sharing so much with our whole school.

Christina From Miami, Oklahoma
I saw this show, two times today, May 09, 2003. I absolutely love this show. He does an great job on this. Everything is spactacular! And he even lets you sign it! I'm located at the far left bottom corner, right below the earth. Patrick, Thank You so much for your presentation.

Trudy Gardner
What a wonderful presentation. My students enjoyed it and it brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the good work and come back to Miami, OK again, we loved it!!

Jack Farrell
I sat for an hour while an entire elementary school student body sat on the gym floor, riveted to Patrick Dunning's presentation. The scope of this project is magnificent, both in concept and in execution. My class elected two of their number to sign the work, representative of the class and of Quil Ceda Elementary, an honor I secretly wanted to share. When all of those who signed have passed, this magnificent work will remain as a testiment to them and of our time.

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