The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Tracey Feight
The Signature Project is a breathtaking interpretation of Patrick Dunning's appreaciation for life and all the wonderful things it can offer. The students in the Bonner County school district appreciate your artistic expression and creative presentation style. I am sure we will all be eagerly awaiting the year 2012 when the project is finished. Thaks again for bringing this beam of life to our community.

charlene sarmiento
You are an amazing artist I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the assembly thanks for everything. PLEASE COME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Mavis Close
That you can keep a young audience's rapt attention is an accomplishment in itself, but to have the teachers' as well.......I loved the interconnectedness, the personal aspects, the music. The fact that I got to sign the work as a member of the Ellis School Faculty, was icing on the cake!!!

Your project is one of the most beatiful things I'v seen in my life. I hope you always remember Totam Falls Elementary School where I learn and hope to do something as fantastic as what you've done thank you for sharing your feelings with my shool and I. Sincerly, Bailee your fan

This was outstanding,fasinating,and amazing.Everybody will love it even if they hate art.It was one of those things that it is hard to not smile at.

Linda Bond
This presentation was absolutely incredible. I was amazed at the creativity and deep thought that went into this project. I will never forget what I saw today, and I will be following the progress being made. Thank you for letting me sign my name. I will really feel a part of the project now. Thank you.

JoAnn Miller
Your show was amazing. I could not stop talking about it. You are brilliant!!!I can't even imagine how you can think of so many fantastic layers of art and technology. You thought of everything. I was truly impressed and inspired by you determination and your spirit. Good luck. Thank you for including me in the signature project. I was honored to include my name.

Bryan Barnhouse
Mr. Dunning, Thanks for sharing your talents and stories. The combination made for a memorable event at the Brownfields 2003 conference in Portland, OR.

Lereana Myers
Patrick,I thought the assembly was the best one I have ever seen! As soon as the DVD comes out I am going to buy it.I was really touched by the spirit it had and that all of my class thought it is the best assembly our whole school has ever seen!! We loved it and will always!

Marya Kampmann
Dear Patrick, I saw your presentation a few years ago and loved it! I just wanted to say that it's a very creative, moving, and special thing to do. I'm so happy I learned about what you were doing, and I loved how you also talked about Ireland, the project was very touching.

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