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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Michelle Kim
I was a student at Fairmount Elementary when you visited our school about 5 or 6 years ago. I believe I signed this, and I'm amazed at how beautiful it's turned out to be. I believe that I signed with a blue pen.

Logan compau
When you came to Olympic view middle school a while back what you did and showed was very interesting. I have a question, Are you related to Brian dunning the musician? please write back.

I saw the show in hayfork last night.It made me profoundly happy to see that somone is out there usuing thier life to bring people together. So many of us spend so much tiem surviving that we forget about really living. Your art bring the esence of life to the foreground and helps us to see, and more importanly to feel, that we can really live. Thank You.

Jennifer Tolentino
I loved your performance at Dr. Horton in Newark, NJ. The children at Pioneer Middle School Hollywood Fl. would really love your performance. You should come again because you opened my eyes to the art. thanks, jennifer

David and Phyllis Stueckle
We viewed your extra special amazing program at the Wa. Farm Bureau summer conference in Kennewick, Wa. July 14th. We knew a man who played the same instrument you did with your hands. He had several instruments. This was in the 1940's! Thanks for letting us sign your project and keep up the good work.

Thank you for coming to Clyde Hill Elementary. I really enjoyed your presentation at our assembly, it was really cool. Good luck with the project.

I think your art is truly amazing and if you're wondering were I'm from I know it's a little late but I'm from Ron Nunn Elementary. I'm truly empressed of the many pieces of art that with different kinds of light you can look at and addmire them. Also your art is the first one I know about htat you can actualy play music with it. I hope people can realy apreciate yor art.

Holly Pettitt
We need to cancel our performance for the Nevada City School of the Arts - I think it is scheduled in September.

I loved your presentation at my school it ment alot tio me

stephanie cooke
I kept e-mailing you,but you never answered.

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