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David .A Samson
Dear Mr. Dunning I really liked rour show but I have one question. How do you meet the people that sign the project? Also my favorite part of the show was the motercycle breaking th speed limet. If you answer my queston please send the answer to dfsamson@comcast

Tyler Sokolis
Your show was the bomb!I liked when you did the motocycle over 145 MPH.I espially like how you are going to get 1,000,000 signatures for the Signature Project. I loved your show.Yoooooooooooooooooooooooo

Sarah Phillips
Dear Mr. Dunning, The presentation you made was amazing! Your project was so cool. How did you get to meet all of those inspriring people? How many countires did you have to travel to meet them??? The slideshow was also so cool. It must have taken forever to do all those amazing special effects. But he thing that I liked the most was Leon Thereman's musical instrument. How you played it was so funny and neat. It must have taken alot practice to be that good. i really appreciate you coming to my school and telling me about you amazing life. Thanks Again, Sarah

Matt Kaufman
Hiya, I just wanted too let you know that i saw you today at my school in Washington, New Jersey, Warren Hills Regional High, I thought your presentation was phonomenal. I was so enthused by your work and all you have done, keep up the good work, later

Britny Douglas
hey Patrick! I saw your presentation today at my school [Warren Hills]. It was amazing. I love everything about Ireland so it made me glad to see the Irish things. I love the painting as well. Can wait to see the finished product!

hey this is larry i saw you tour thing today and it was really good i appreciate you coming to our school and sharing all of that with us i signed your project and im glad im apart of that project now thanks alot larry warren hills highschool

Caroline Hauck
Mr. Dunning, I am a very lucky 6th grader who was able to view the parts of the signature project when you presented an assembly in our school, Kutz Elementary. I want you to know that this has inspired my friends and I to do something. The way you fit every from your dad to a recipe and song in there is just fascinating. I want to make a difference in the world! Caroline Hauck, Kutz Elementary, Pennsylvania

gabi D
Hello again.Are you coming back to Midland School next year?You have nice items at the store.I think Signature Painting is the most prettyest painting in the galaxy.Keep up the fantastic work!

Hi, I go to warwick elementry school. I loved what you did I thought it was the best show at school that I have seen.

i think what your doing is great, i also love the music

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