The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Caroline Hauck
Mr. Dunning, I am a very lucky 6th grader who was able to view the parts of the signature project when you presented an assembly in our school, Kutz Elementary. I want you to know that this has inspired my friends and I to do something. The way you fit every from your dad to a recipe and song in there is just fascinating. I want to make a difference in the world! Caroline Hauck, Kutz Elementary, Pennsylvania

gabi D
Hello again.Are you coming back to Midland School next year?You have nice items at the store.I think Signature Painting is the most prettyest painting in the galaxy.Keep up the fantastic work!

Hi, I go to warwick elementry school. I loved what you did I thought it was the best show at school that I have seen.

i think what your doing is great, i also love the music

Jimmy Kase
Hello! I was at the signiture project assembley at Warwick on 5-4-06! I loved your brothers music. I am part Irish from my dad's side. But my favorite part was the Guy on a motorcycle and Gets Pulled Over by the Cops! BYE

Morgan Jacob
Dear Patrick, I loved your assembely at kutz it was so cool.Your brother's music is so relaxing to listen to. For your project with the sun, moon, bird, earth, and stars i was wondering if you could put my name on it. My name is Morgan Jacob. Thanks! If you are going to put my name on the picture please respond to me at sincerley, Morgan Jacob

Sophie Edbrooke
I'm from Warwick Elementery School and I was wondering could you please put my name and my sisters katharine Edbrooke on the sqaure the teachers signed on (the earth)We loved your show From Sophie and Katharine P.S.we did ask our mom

Matt Misiano
Hi Im Matt Misiano from warwick elementary school I loved the show! and loved the one were you do the moter cycle geting pulled over by the cops!!!!

Denise James
Hi Patrick! One word: WOW! I was one of the Kutz people in your audience this afternoon at Warwick Elementary School in Jamison, Pa. I enjoyed your work immensely...brought tears to my eyes! I especially liked how you snuck in jabs about Kutz teachers into part of your presentation :) Your presentation will be talked about for quite some time 'round the lunch table in the Faculty Lounge! I wish you continued success. Sincerely, Denise James ps. Your cat "Bailey" may be cute and intelligent, but I believe my sweet Basset Hound "Hailey" trumps the weird sleeping position category.

Randee Kazatsky
Dear Patrick, I JUST left your assembly program at Warwick Elementary in Jamison, Pennsylvania. All day, teachers were telling me how awsome this presentation was. They did not describe it accurately. I was blown-away!! Your talent and creativity is boundless. I never saw anything like it. I loved the eye over the bridge! I would have given anything to have seen it live!! I plan to follow your project (for 14 years at least). I am going to frame the postcard on my way home from school today. Thank you for the honor of signing a piece of a masterpiece. Best of Luck in your fantastic life voyage.

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