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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Denise James
Hi Patrick! One word: WOW! I was one of the Kutz people in your audience this afternoon at Warwick Elementary School in Jamison, Pa. I enjoyed your work immensely...brought tears to my eyes! I especially liked how you snuck in jabs about Kutz teachers into part of your presentation :) Your presentation will be talked about for quite some time 'round the lunch table in the Faculty Lounge! I wish you continued success. Sincerely, Denise James ps. Your cat "Bailey" may be cute and intelligent, but I believe my sweet Basset Hound "Hailey" trumps the weird sleeping position category.

Randee Kazatsky
Dear Patrick, I JUST left your assembly program at Warwick Elementary in Jamison, Pennsylvania. All day, teachers were telling me how awsome this presentation was. They did not describe it accurately. I was blown-away!! Your talent and creativity is boundless. I never saw anything like it. I loved the eye over the bridge! I would have given anything to have seen it live!! I plan to follow your project (for 14 years at least). I am going to frame the postcard on my way home from school today. Thank you for the honor of signing a piece of a masterpiece. Best of Luck in your fantastic life voyage.

Monica Jones and her second graders at Warwick Elementary in Jamison, PA
Dear Mr. Dunning, Your work is truly inspiring! We enjoyed the assembly! At the end of your fourteen year journey, we hope to see your completed masterpiece! Good luck!

Robert (kutz Elementary)
OMG your amazing!!! i play guitar too and that is an AMAZING start you have... Juts out of curiosity how much was that..... id say ATLEAST 800$

Patrick, I really liked the assembly today! It was nice of you to come to our School! -Thaks

Erin Mcdevitt
Thank you for signing my cast and thank you for letting me sign the project it ment a lot to me and thank you again. You have nice art work i would love you to come again to Kutz Elementray in Doylestown

Courtney Kauffman
Your presentation was amazing! You inspired me and my friend to do a project just like yours. I loved how each and every square had something hidden withen it, and how each part had a special meaning. It was really cool how you traced yourself on the picture and painted it there. The morse code that makes up your dad's face, the instrument type thing on the back of one of the squares, all of it was so cool! When you wrote down all of the names of the people who died in the plane crash right where your hand was, I thought that was a great idea and that it was really cool. It was just like you WERE reaching your hand out to them. Also, i was just wondering if you could please add my name to your project. Your presentation was so cool, and I would love to be part of your project. P.S. Tell your brother that the music was awesome!

Joanna and Nicky
My son Nicky is from P.S. 53 and he just saw you speak at his school last week. He LOVED it and has been telling everyone about you and the project. Thank you for giving him such passion about this!

Kaitlyn Leonard
hey parick! i saw ur show onm monday and man let me tell u that i think that show was the most amazing show i have ever seen in my whole life. I am an 8th grader at goetz middle school and when i heard we had an assembly i was like oh man some stupid thing probably on not to so drugs or something like that. but i was so suprised when i saw ur stuff. What ur doing is amazing and when u wur doing ur assemblly i left like i was in the presents of a pure genius. I went to oregon and i went on that submerine u show us a picture of in portland last summer at that museme and i was like wow i was there... but anyways i really love what ur doing and hope that maybe with in the next 14 years i will be able to sign that poster

Sarah Olsen
I saw your assembly at kutz elementary. I just loved the idea so much. It has a lot of names on it. Those names are speacial.

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