The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Phyllis Haugen
Thanks very much for letting me come to the show!I am so impressed with all the different types of art involved!You are so talented!(I should have stayed for the second show). I would love to see it again! You also did a great job explaining to the kids their need to be quiet. I hope you can get some of the kinks ironed out reguarding setting up! Thanks again Patrick, I really enjoyed it! Phyllis

Emily Gorby
Dear Mr. Dunning, I'm from Ellis! It's a good idea to make a painting that has so many things 43, your dad, the hand, yourself, and all of those signitures! My favorite thing that you showed us was the big eye! Thank you! From, Emily Gorby

Wow! The show at the Ellis School was incredible, and the whole project is even more amazing. Great pictures!

Shelby Labe
Hi! Your show rocked!! I was so glad you came to my school. It was amazing to see all your art work. Thanks again for the posters and letting my mom and me sign it. I hope it's a sucess!! Hilldale Elementary School 10/26/04

Julianna Carbone
I really enjoyed your performance. I was amazed with the artwork you created. I showed my mom this website when I got home from school and she thought it was really cool. I was wondering if there is any way I could sign my name. Thank you so much and good job!

Hi Patrick, I saw you today in Hopkinton, Ma. I really enjoyed your preformance today. It was very interesting. The presentation was very inspiring, it moved me to follow my dreams. You lead a very awesome life!

Brianne Barron
Your presentation on the Signature Project at St.Joseph school on 1/15/04 grasped my attention because of its unique and incredibly creative detail. The Signature Project and your other work are not only remarkable for their physical beauty, but also for what they are made up of and stand for. You are an artist with creative visions that I was fortunate to experience. (From St. Joseph School student)

i loved your show it was great! you are a amazing person and i love you work and your music!i enjoyed listing to you speek. i am a little irish to i want to travel to ireland some time, it seams like a nice place. thanks for comming to Buckingham you are wonderful!i luved you view on life and i only hope for the best for you and your signature project. Thank you

Brandon Anderson
Yoooo there Patrick, That show was fantastic!!! I really liked your brother's music. That was really neat how you did the ultra violet light and there was that tune that turned into the music notes. See you later alligator, Brandon Kindergarten

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! That is ALL I can say!!! That was the most interesting presintation I have EVER seen!!! I saw your show on November 22, 2002.

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