The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Lauren Byrne
To Patrick, I am one of the students that you spoke to today at St. Joseph School, Seattle. I am also Irish, 100%. I was born in Waterford but mostly lived in New Ross. I would love to sign your project sometime. I thought it was really cool and inspirational. Say hi to Bailey for me! From Lauren Byrne

Amanda Waltmon
this is pretty kool!!!!!!!!! it really helped me with my problems.

Deborah DiCrasto
This is so cool. You came to my daughter's school, and she loved it!!

Emily Rich
Dear Patrick, I adore you and your project!!! I think it is wonderful how you do all of this art that helps inspire minds. You amaze me like no other person and I'm glad you do it. My sister Anna Rich has her signature on the bird!!! She's now in 7th grade. I just can't thank my music teacher and you enough! A Culver Elem. Student, Emily Rich

Julia Brueggeman
I really liked when you came to St.Joseph school! You have really great ideas like all the morse code project and the signature project. I liked the ultra violent light! I think your cat Bailey is really cute! I liked your motorcycle act! I really want you to come to St. Joes again!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Julia Brueggeman (10 yrs)

Chloe Drennen
Dear Mr. Dunning, I am a student from Oakland Twp elementry in Pennsylvania. I really enjoyed seeing your program. My parents and my sister saw it and they really enjoyed it too. My parents got to sign it. I was jealous. My friend is here and she wants to see a picture of it so I have to go!!! I can't wait to see it finished!!!- Chloe

Ariel Smallwood-Hilton
i loved the signature project i cryed because the music and everything was so beautiful! it was moving

Katie Todaro
Dear Mr. Dunning Your show was totally awsome. I do a lot of artwork myself,and I thought your ideas were wicked cool!!! Good luck with the rest of your work,and I can't wait to hear when it is finished, eventually. Thank you so much for takling to Hopkinton Middle School, everyone really enjoyed it(plus we got to miss some classes!). I just have one question, why was there a 43 on the back of one of the boards? Either way, you are a very creative person who has there soul in the right place. THANKS AGAIN. Katie Todaro

Sean Possemato
I wanted to say that you are a very talented man and keep up the unbelievable work on the signature project. I am a student from Hopkinton ma, and i was in awe when you gave the presentation. I thought it would be just another boring assembly but it was far from that. Thanks for the amazing experience and I will never forget it. ~Sean Possemato P.S. Your brother should look into getting a record deal, his music is amazing!

Geoff Dempsey
I was amazed at how much work you put into your project. Some of the connections were astonishing, such as how you put your brother's song into your father's face. Also, nice job with the blues!

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