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Cindy Dominguez
Truly amazing!!! Just had Patrick Dunnning at our school this morning. I am not usually the type to write reviews but Mr. Dunning deserves every outstanding comment written here and more. This was by far the best assembly we have ever had. What an unbelievably gifted and inspiring artist. This one is not to be missed.

Emilie Grace B.
Mr. Dunning, I just have to say that I love you so much. I watched the assembly today, at Pa.S.221Q (I'm a fifth-grader), and by the end, I almost cried, and begged by teacher to at least meet you. Luckily, for me, she gave me a small poster :D. I just wanted to say that you are so inspiring. The fact that you combined about five of your favorite passions all into one huge piece that you spent 22 years of your life working on is absolutely amazing to me. Meeting over one million people, and showing the importance of every single one of them really touched my heart. i adore every single thing you do, and just love you in every way possible. Thank you for everything, Mr. Dunning, for such a meaningful show, for opening this fifth-grader's eyes, and for telling us the whole meaning of life.

Richie Senanayake
Your presentation at my school (Dater school) today was amazing! I don't know if you saw my at the back but it was great!

Karen Baer
I had the pleasure of seeing your presentation today at a school assembly in Massachusetts. I was spellbound. Your genius is beyond words and your talent immense. I am thrilled that my signature is a part of this incredible project. By far, the best school assembly ever. Thank you, Patrick.

Tracey Tully
Thank you for bringing this awe-inspiring experience to our 3-8 school in Cranford, NJ. I can't help but think that the imagination of every child in the room today was awakened by your art, music and showmanship. The interconnectedness of it all was brilliant. Bravo.

Mrs. Neill-Meade's 1st Grade Class
Go raibh maith agat!Thanks for letting us see, hear, and truly feel your art! It was great to be part of something much greater than ourselves alone. LOVED THE USE OF MORSE CODE! LONG MAY IT LIVE.

Mrs. Lynch's 5th Grade Class
Incredible! We truly enjoyed every second of your spectacular show. It was heart warming and touching-- An experience we will always remember! Thank you for sharing your journey and vision with us!

Wow...just wow...besides the fact that Mr Dunning is absolutely brilliant, he gave me a whole new outlook on life-how the standard route to paper-shuffling jobs is not at all necessary, and how wonderful it is when someone truly finds their passion. I'm sitting completely dumbstruck as I write, but this presentation struck me right in the heart. I earnestly hope I can one day too find my passion as completely as this, and I wish Mr Dunning the best, and may he continue to change people's lives as he did mine, a million times more than I could ever have imagined happening from a 1-hr assembly!

Cory Radisch - Principal NJ
This performance was astounding. Mr. Dunning provides a sense of genius that is remarkable. For educators, he is the quintessential reason why we must always believe that our students possess some kind of brillance. Truly inspiring!! Should be on broadway. 03-11-2015

Ellen Thomas
Ellen Thomas The Signature Project is perhaps the most exceptional presentation and journey I have ever experienced from both an international and stateside perspective. Patrick Dunning is brilliant, a genius, a master of timing, and perhaps the most talented of divergent thinkers I have ever encountered. Our students were captivated from the first moment of his production and were still talking about their experience long after his presentation. What a rare treat and gift for people of any age to experience. We all, adults and children, reveled in his energy, his joie de vivre, and his passion to connect with each and every one of us in his own unique way. I am grateful to have been a small part of this significant, sensory-enriching, emotionally-charged, and thought-provolking multi-media project! Kudos to this consumate master and artist! Thank you for such an extraordinary journey, Patrick; one that so profoundly affects our perceptions of life!

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