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I saw your show at the greenfield middle school. i absolutly loved it!!!

I really liked your project!Hope you can come to greenfield middle school again soon!!!!!!!

Jennifer Fox
Hello, Mr. Dunning! I would like to thank you for coming to my Hopkinton school today. I enjoyed your presentation, and I am honored to meet such a creative person, and take part in this piece of beautiful art. I can't wait to get the poster I am ordering, and go to see the final piece. Thank you.

sam and greg
we enjoied your proformence at white brook middle school! send us a e-mail back so we can talkl about things.

Micaela from Cummings school gr. 3 winthrop
Yo, Patrick, I really enjoyed it when you came to my school. I told some of my family about you and they said you sounded creative.

Bekky Katsoulis
sup patrick?! Thank you for coming to my school WBMS.the show was TERRIFIC!!! I am so glad that i got to sign it it was the bottom lefthand side whare i got to sign the picture Thanks again for coming.i hope that you enjoy being in Easthampton,Massachusetts

Treya Crisafulli
10-18-04 Hi Patrick, i'm from white Brook Middle School and i really enjoyed your performance today and i hope it dosnt take to much longer ;)

Ashley daCunha
hey Patrick, Im from white brook middle school in easthamtpon, MA. I really enjoyed your presentation it was very cool how you took your time to get everyone to sign their names on the portrait and all the hidden features in it. I think it will come out very good when it is al finished it will look awesome! *ashley daCunha*

Chelsea Grabowski
Hi Patrick, I think that your projects are really cool! I really liked your show.

Cale Hough
I was at White Brook Middle School. I loved your signature project. It was fun. Hope to see you again. Bye

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