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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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you performed a GREAT show at our school bradley!!!!!!! i am one of the kids from bradley elementary who u told to say it was the best show and i did because guess what........ IT WAS THE BEST SHOW!!!! and you let me sign the world with my best friend ana g!!!!

Hey, you performed such a GREAT show!!! I am one of the kids from Bradley Elementary who you told to say it was the best show and I did because guess what... IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really liked it!!! Well I hope I can meet you again sometime! ps my real name is Ana! signed, ANA G.

you had a cool show and the music was awsome

Thanks for coming to our school yesterday at bradley elementary everybody loved it and it was amazing! thank u!

Rachel Cerruti
hi, my name is rachel cerruti. im a student at aptos high, and i was lucky enough to get to see your presentation about your project on the 28th of february. i just wanted to let you know that some ideas that you're planning on doing seem to frustrate me. i just want for you to hear my side of it. ok, so i think that your project is REALLY cool, i was fascinated by all of the cool things hidden within the boards. and YET, i TOTALLY disagree with the whole, "puttin the pieces on their sides and making this into some type of shape" idea. i think that it's TOTALLY lame, because what's the purpose of the signatures then? i dont understand. i DO understand that you want to keep going and going and going with your project. but you're not paying attention right now, you're going TOO FAR. its SUCH a cool idea ta start with, and im SO excited ta hav been a name on it! (mine is in blue, rachel cerruti) but now that i think about it, i think that you're making it all into this totall

I go to Bradley Elementary School and today is 3/1/07. I thought your performance today was great! Come back any time. My teacher Ms.Gorman sighned your huge picture and wrote a 7 in the corner to represent our class number. I hope you come back again soon. The part I liked in the presontation was when you showed us the picture of the eye sheet. The funniest part was when your cat was sleeping. My name is morgan and I'm 8 (almost 9) years old. This month is my birthday. Come back any time, thanks!

Heather Gorman
You came to Bradley School today and I just wanted to thank you for bringing such a wonderful message to so many childern...and adults. Thanks

Hey i love your project and i put my name on it too! but when are you going to come out with the dvd thing that you said you would have at are school????? the only resion i ask it because i want to by it some time and i would pay anything for it..... by the way how much is it anyway??? well thats all i have to comment about!

Dear Patrick, cool project. You came to my school, Olievenhain Pioneer Elementary. i loved how all the teaches got to write on it! Good Luck with everything

Julie S.
Thank you for showing my Kindergartners new ways of looking at the world. It was one of the best assemblies I have attended in my 11 years of teaching!

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