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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hi Patrick!! I'M 1 on the students at Morrison Elementry School. I was in Ms.Murrey's class.I loved you art!!I bet that took a long time doing that thing!! you had to go all around the world to get that many names! Right?!!? Well, I just wanted to say YOOOOOOOOOO!! Buh Bye Mr.Dunning!

hey patrick im sorry i didnt e-mail u when i said but anyway about that project its really coooool!!!! i love that artwork of yours e-mail me back at buh bye

andrew rivera
Hay mr.Dunning that show was the best one i have ever seen in years please keep up the good work and i hope your able to accompish all your wantings.

hey!! why didnt we ever get to sign??!! well i really thinks it cool that your doing all this. im a student at a school you vistied and i think its not fair that we never signed!!! well i play the flute and i was wondering if you can give me the notes to the song that your brother made? i would really like it!

I really liked your show!I thought your life picture was very impressive.This was one of the best assemblies we have had.I really liked the picture of your cat!Our class really liked your show. Bye Mr. Patrick Dunning!

Thank you for coming to Dr. Juliet Thorner School.I liked when you were playing the guitar. I liked when you drew your life piture.I hope you have a great!Mr. Patrick Dunning.

Maaz Hussaini
Dear Mr. Dunning, You had just put a presentation for us on your signature project in Hillside Middle School in Simi Valley, CA and I quiet enjoyed it and the music I am planning to keep watching this site until this project is done so keep me posted on my email address. MAAZ

Jesus Aguilar
Hi Patrick its Jesus from thorner school I really like your presentation today it was really cool my teacher is the one you said she knows what you are talking about her grandfather is from Ireland too let me know please when your done with a nother peice to your big painting witch is cool! p.s.:write back please.

i saw your show at my school i thought it was great i hope you are doing great from your freiend blake and i hope your brother is doing good too

Danielle Cameron
Dear Mr. Patrick,I liked your show it was really cool.

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets