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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Rachel Villa
I really enjoyed your assembly at Bouquet elementary. I going to look for your CD. byebye

Robert Kesel
Thank you for bringing your wonderful work to Carter Elementary. There were so many diferent forms of art, all that were simply amazing. You had the students full attention as well as mine. Many of their comments included "The best assembly I've ever seen! I want to see it again." I think that sums it up for students and teachers alike. We all look forward to seeing it to it's completion. Good Luck!

Stacie Crittenton
I really loved your show!!! It was really cool! I also like that you are from Ireland, I have always been fascinated with the UK. Your show, was really interesting. it's really cool, that you can amke art in soooooo many ways!!!!

Rabee Ali
Thank you for coming to my school and showing us your art.I am a student in 4th gade at Carter Elementry school in Palm Desert,California. I loved your art AND I wish I could sighned The Signature Project Like the teachers.

Barbara Neff
Patrick, I was your "lighting director" at your first show today at Carter Elementary School in Palm Desert, CA. Your show was fantastic. My third grade son came home talking excitedly about it. He, too, enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful event to our children. I very much enjoyed visiting with you before and after the show, too. Barbara Neff Palm Desert

brittney nichols
hey its me again sry i just love your web site i relly liked your show in will never get over it my mom said she likes the mucic well i g2g bye bye g2g means got to go

Hey, you were at my school today. I was in the front row. You migtht have saw me because I'm in Ms.Osborne's class. Bye.

Jasmine Kim
Hi! this is Jasmine from Carter Elementry school i just loved your show my teach is Ms.Font i think u talked with her after the show? Can i ask u something? Well.....i was just wondering if u really played the song(blues) with your gitar and if u can answer please answer back please my e-mail address is so answer back if u can please OH! and i just love your show that is the best show i've ever never seen in my school i bet no other shows can be better then yours an Carter Elementry School so thats my comment so c ya 3-9-2004

Madeline Elisha
I love art also.When you visited Carter Elementry I was in the front row in the audditorium watching everything.I love your art and admire your determination. I am 9 years old. I want to be an artist too. I will always look up to you.

Hi Patrick, You went to Carter Elementry school today. I really enjoyed it. I don't remeber how to go to the names & click on them & get to know them. So give me some info on that please. Your Friend, Makean Alec Mesarch (p.s. write me back ok so u can tell me.)

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