The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Matt Wing
Most art that I see is just the same old thing- a picture painted on a canvas. The Signature Project is the first art piece (though still in progress) that has captivated my attention. My favorite part about the project is the added ultraviolet and X-ray visible parts, such as your silhouette showing the seasons in Ultraviolet light or the music printed on Square 43. I really like your work! -Matt

Bryan Bolint
Your show was hella tight. I loved the guitar music. I was privilaged enough to sign the signature project. Thanks.

Samantha DeHaven
Mr. Dunning, You're presentation yesterday was really moving; what you're doing is a great thing! Though I didn't get a chance to sign my name, many of my friends did. I think that what you're doing is something very respectible. Being a freshman here at Junction City High School, it's not often that you see our school as a whole be so united in what the "buzz" around school is. It was awesome. Thanx for taking the time out of your life for our school, you were great! Thanx again, Sammy

Patrick, I am from Junction City High School. I thpought that the whole production that you did at my schoolwas phenomenon. I was esspecially touched when you said that you put all the names of the people in the 9/11 planes on the three rays of the sun. It truly brought tears to my eyes. You are much of an inspiration to me really because artistic abilities run in my family and I am very much of an artist myself. When you showed how much time you put into you project and how much heart and soul is in it I was amazed. Congradulations on your project I know that it's going to be a big hit! Good Luck! ~Mandy~ P.S. If there is any way that I could get some more of your brother's music it would be much appreciated because I absolutely love his music!

Lee Kauffman
Could you send me you brothers phone number because i want to call him.

Brianna Gillen
You were at Junction City High School today and I was at the assembley. I am really into art and I loved the work you did. I really liked how you did the eye in Ireland. I wanted to sign your signature project and I was really hoping to get a card. Unfortunately I didn't get one. I just wanted to tell you I really liked your art and that you really inspired me to do something as big as you did. Thank you for coming to our school. Me and My friend are going to plan a trip to go to Ireland after we graduate. Thank You. Brianna

Tyler Ruddiman
i really enjoyed you coming to JC high school. it was really awsome. the best thing was your impression of the motorcycle. the only thing that i didnt like is that you didnt let everyone sign it. but overall i really liked it thanks again. Tyler

Megan Peterson
I think its kool what your doing and i think your good artist i also liked your brothers music

brittan ivy
i really like the presentation that u gave at junction city high school me and some my friends really liked it so thanks again and i hope u finish it soon when its done could u send a picture to me i will appreciate and thanx foe letting me sighn it.. thank you ...........Junction city high school

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