The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Johanna Arasin
Hello, my name is johanna and i saw your show at my school,p.s.114q. it was one of the best shows i have ever seen! i thought it was fantastic. my father died was really sad. what were the words to the music that you wrote in morse code on your fathers face? also what kind of instrument was your brother playing over the phone? i am irish but i am not sure what part i am from. irish insruments are very fun to play. i am learning the bagpipes.

your great from the kids @ 114

Cindy Mischler
Hello! You were at the school I work at on Thrusday, November 20. I have to tell you how very much I enjoyed your program. The concept of your project just blows me away! I've tried to explain it to my daughter (15 years old), but it's so profound, I had a difficult time explaining all the aspects of it. I truly enjoyed the Blues you played, also. I've lived in Mississippi, in the african-american culture and I can tell you, they would love to jam with you anytime. Hearing you play brought back fond memeories of Mama (my mother-in-law who is now passed away). She was african-american, and enjoyed istening to the kind of musice you played so well on Wednesday. Thank you for your wonderful program and for the memories of Mama. I hope you will return to our school again. Sincerely, Cynthia Mischler

When you came to my school i thought "oh great another program but your presentaion was great.It wasn't only me who thought so but also my friends.Thats all they talked about that day!I brought my parents to the site just to show them how cool it realy is.

Hey Patrick, I really enjoyed the show today at Fairview Elementry. I think its amazing how you got all those names to make a picture. I even got to sign it. I hope the picture turns out great. Tell your brother he's a good flute player. One more thing, hi to you and say hi to Baily and your brother. Thanks! You were great! Good luck with the picture! Emily

James Grinavich
yooooooooooooooooooo! your program rocks da boat and tips it over and makes it sink!the black light was the best!!!!: DIt was definitly the best of da year thanks for comin to Fairview Elemantary!! : ) oh and by the way was that really your bro on the phone then or was it taped??¿¿

Mancini family
My sister and I go to Fairview Elementary in PA. We loved your program. Is there any way that you can sign our names on the Signature Project for us? Thanks!!! ~Marni, Morgan, Sue, and Gene

Dude i loved the show! Give me some fin, nogin, DUUUUDDE! i really liked the eye it totally rock!!!! and the cool thing was that body u are puttin on the signiture project! and i reallly liked that x-ray thing ur puttin the pating! lets sing a song 4 the picture! jingle bells jingle bells!! the best part of the show was the slideshows! i want to sign my name but the teacher didnt call me!!!!! those darn teachers!!!

yea hi this is a student from kumf middle school in new jesey and i realy dont like art that much and you presentation realy interested me i am in the eith grade classes and i like the xray of your father that is cool how you made it out of sos and the picture your makeing with the signatures is realy cool to and i realy want to know who to make that machine that you had were when you step within like 1 foot of it it gives of that sound and how you can change that pitch and all of that stuff and as i said before im not realy that into art and you project realy interested me and it goes to show what you can think of when you have a creative mind ps. please write back

Katie Currier
hi im katie from Kumpf middle school. I signed your project.You absoulutly are the greasist artist i've ever seen! That project is amazing! I think that is such a cool idea! How did you ever think of it. Someday i want to do something big like that. Thanks for the insperation! p.s. im the one who said hi to you in the lunch room

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