The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I really liked your idea with the eye and all of the signatures,but i really wanted to sigh it. Thanks for coming to the Harrington Park school

It was very cool how you pulled your heart out and I liked the music you played with your brother. Thank you for coming to Harrington Park school.

I like when you made the motorcycle noises

Deborah Corriston
Thank you for sharing your amazing project with the teachers and students of Harrington Park. The art, sciences, math, humanity and social studies lessons incorporated in your project are fascinating. Thank you for allowing our staff to be a small part of your project. I will definitely be bringing friends to your show in New York in March.

Clara Kim
Hi Mr. Dunning, I'm from Harrington Park School. I really liked your show, and I love your Signature Project. I think that I can really relate to what you said about reaching out to the people who died during the accident of 9/11. I nearly cried when I saw the Twin Tower memorial. I wish there was a way I could reach out to them.

Tommy R.
I really thought that morse code converted to the music sounded so graceful. I felt like I was in the forest listening to a bird singing. I also loved the picture of the eye.

Sophia K
Greeting Patrick Dunning. When you did the show at my school I loved it. I liked the codes that made the recipie to the Irish Soda Bread. It reminds me about how my grandma always buys me Irish Soda Bread on March,17.

Maya E.
Dear Patrick, I loved your art! It had so many different messages. One of my favorite things that was included in the show was the super detailed picture of your dad because it showed me how much you loved him. Thanks for sharing your journey with me and Harrington Park school.

JP Genco
I really like the eye project. When I looked at the picture, the eye looked like a full eye and not a half eye!

I loved the creativity and especially loved the cat(mine is named shadow), road trip(I saw the Tappan Zee bridge), and how you made a memory of nine eleven. Though I didn't sign it, I feel that just experiencing the show was good enough.

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