The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I liked that you told a story with your presentation and showed us some of your art work. It was really enjoyable to watch.

I loved how you never quit on doing this project and that you never gave up! I hope you finish it soon if you do finish it in a lifetime it will become great art, and very nice because you drew it with names not just a paint brush and that is the great part about it.

Ava Ballard
Your performance was amazing. I loved all of your energy and confidence. I really hope who come back!

That was the best assembly ever!!! I hope the signature project gets finished soon. It was truly amazing to be part of this wonderful project that you have created.

Christian Suh
Your project looked so amazing. It will attract millions of people when it's finished. Best of luck on your project.

This was fun and SO amazing!!!!!!! C: Please come back soon, this was the BEST assembly I've ever been to!!!!! It taught me a lot about your history and what you do for a living and It has inspired me to do something as great as that, or maybe greater (Just a thought)

Olivia meng
Thank you so much to come to our school today and gave us the most amazing performance I've ever seen, I was moved when you showed us the pictures of nature, the world is the most precious gift for everyone. Best wishes on your project, I'm looking forward to see the work completed!!!!

Annalyse Santowasso
The show was awesome and you did great. The picture you made of your dad is amazing

Stephen Mitchell
What a great show! Thanks for visiting us at Rutgers Prep!

Lyra Patel
Hi today I saw your art at Rutgers Preparatory school thank you for coming and the show was AMAZING I hope you come again soon

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