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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Where can we find you to sign the picture? That is good show you showed Washington

Emily kapuscinski
Hi, i liked your show! I think it was cool that there was an instrument inside of the picture! I wish i could sigh n it though. and about the coming when ever you try to concentrate, you are totally right. byfv .ixyenNYUTCU.LLP

Thanks for the great job on the visit my main by your dude

I really like that you are from Ireland and that's very cool.

Abby from Washington School
Today you came to my school and it was the best assembly I've seen in my life!! My favorite part was when your heart was pounding and everyone could hear it. Please come back to Washington School again!

I had a wonderful time today at your presentation at my school! I really hope to check out your project when it its finished1 You told my school to leave a comment, so I just wanted to say how impressed I was. Thank you for showing and sharing your project with us! I loved it!

Elizabeth Faragi
You were so cool! My friends and I all thought that the assembly would be some little kiddie show, but no! It was so cool, and I loved the part where you showed us what you did with the bridge and the curtain. Just to let you know, you will always be remembered at Washington School

your show was awesome dude

Calvin Woodruff
Hi Patrick! I just got back from the best assembly ever at Washington School! My favorite part was when you showed us the Morse code picture of your father inside square #43. I hope I will be able to see the painting when it is finished. Also, I really loved the part about how you made the eye on the Ireland bridge. One question: Where will you put the artwork when you are finished? Thank you for coming to my school today and please write back! Thanks!

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