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Olivia C.
Hello Mr.Dunning, I have come to comment on your website because I adored your presentation.I am a 4th grade student in New Jersey.The artwork you showed us with names of a lot of people, I found it was very beautiful and inspiring.You truly made a big differnce in how I look at art and for that I am grateful.---A student that adores art. 10/25/16

Patrick, you are so cool I hope you accomplish your dreams of finishing your signature project. Some people said that it was fake but I believe that It is real and awesome and I thick that its hard to travel all around the world by yourself. You inspired me. #yoooooooooo!

Mrs. Waldron's class
We loved your show. We have never seen anything like it. The Irish music and your accent were so sweet. we are creating a hand to tell our own story. Thank Kou

This awesome!It was a great experience and opportunity.

nice show

Theresa Caffarra
It was a treat this week at Lincoln School in Caldwell, NJ where you gave your presentation. Never have I seen the entire student body being so attentive to a presentation. You are engaging and informative. I loved that you have taken this project to so many levels. I was wondering if you ever did a presentation to a military group and had them sign your project? I think it would be wonderful to have an entire panel completed by serving and veteran military members. Thank you for letting me sign your project.

You are a genius. This project is marvelous.

Tyler Ford
I loved your show and I loved it how you put different pictures and puzzles in your canvas. I thought that was original and I would love it if you can add my name (Tyler Ford) in to the Signature Project. Thank you and I would appreciate it very much.

Dhruv Parikh
I loved it. I also love how creative and smart you are. Really enjoyed it and I pretty much loved your entire presentation. Thank You for the encouragmenet

This is amazing! I loved the assembly!

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