The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Lyndsey G.
Your project is OUTSTANDING! I love it. It is beautiful and cool. I'm from Aldrich school! and I love your brother's song's.I like how you hid another picture under another picture. You are so cool!

Daniel Kuhnlein
Dear Mr. Dunning, You came to my school yesterday. I would just like to say that you were amazing. A real show stopper I wanted an encore!!!

Your drawing\signatures are so cool i go to Washington school and the presentatins that you made were so awesome to. i am a 4th grader and when you showed us the light that made the music notes,and when you made that picture out of your dad those two were my favorites and when you called your brother other people thought it was fake but i thought it was real.

maria nevrtakis
this is beutiful

I enjoyed the show. I am trying to figure out how to start a signature project at our local boys and girls club where I am the art director. Any ideas? I was thinking we could use the ceiling tiles in our art room. Sincerely, Sherry

I love what your doing my mom dose not understand what your doing very well so could you send me an email explaining to my mom what it is.

Matthew Guthrie
i was in west valey j. high and i was wondering how u make the bread and i think your project is cool

Anna C.
I'm a student at WVJH. Your presentation today was amazing! It was amazing the way something so simple from a distance has so many secrets hidden in it, and your presentation really brought it to life. It really made me think. It is amazing that you could be so dedicated to your project. I hope I someday find a passion like you because I don't know yet what I want to do with my life. Thank you. I really like the human silhouette that will only be visible under ultraviolet light. It really conveys the idea of just embracing life while you have it. Thank you.

Charskie Kinloch
I saw the assembly at the west valley junior high today and it was so cool!!!!! I like how you connect a lot of different things with art like music and science and life.

The performance was so amazing. It inspired me so much.I loved how everything went together well.

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