The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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great going you inspired me to do great things

shongum elamentry school /shongum grade 2
today iwent to the middle school in randolph Nj and it was so cool of what your art had sown us. love

Mrs. Cirella's Fourth Grade Class
We saw The Signature Project today in Randolph, New Jersey....WOW waht an inspiring assembly!!!! You truly go above and beyond with everything you do. We would love to know how many squares you have already completed. Thank you for sharing life story with us. We will remember it for a lifetime. We are anxiously awaiting the final product!!! so cool that our teacher is now apart of your work with her signature. Mrs. Cirella's Fourth Grade Class

Mrs. Collins-Darakjy
Dear Mr. Dunning, We would like to thank you for your wonderful show. We learned to always love life. We learned that we can do that in MANT different ways. You are truly an amazing talented artist. Thank you! Mrs. Collins-Darakjy First Grade Class Fernbrook School in Randolph, NJ

hey you came to saint josephs in Garrett Indiana and your Preformance moved me and guess what I'm Irish to

Kelly. L
That is so cool of what you thought it is such an outrageous idea. I LOVED the show. Im irish too my faters parents, parents both came from Ireland and I also have the reciepe for Irish soda bread. Thank you for coming to St. Joseph School, Garrett Indiana.

Grace C.
I just watched the show you presented in Garrett IN today and I really liked it I would of never thought of puting peoples signature in a art project

Cordell C.
I thought your show was great. the best part was when the hand showed up on top of the bird and the moon. I didn't know you could do that.

I just watched your presentation and I thought it was a wonderful. So much hard work and skills to do all this. I hope that maybe someday I can put my signature on a part of your work. I'm honered that you came to St.Joseph School, in Garrett, Indiana. i hope you have a great time finishing the project.

Jesus .M
It was the best show I ever saw in my life.

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