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emri hamilton
could you please write my name on your signature project please and also I loved your performance it was the best assembly. I've ever seen i went to my volleyball practice and these girls said they had a yoyo assembly I told them about my assembly they said wow that's so cool and I really liked your eye it was really cool bye

Karla Roy
Hi Patrick, I am a parent of 4 students at Leonard Lawrence elementary in Bellevue, Nebraska. I am so impressed with your work. I thank you for allowing our children to be a part of this wonderful project. I know they walked away from it very enlightened by your work. The thought you put into this piece is remarkable.Thank you again!

Kristen Morton
I was a part of the audience 10/12/04 in Bellevue, Nebraska. This was a beautiful presentation. Perfect for students, especially at the elementary age to look at the circle of life through different eyes. As a school counselor, I would recommend schools to see this!

Amber Wells
Patrick was a speaker at a recycling conference and trade show I attended. He had the most amazing multimedia performance I have ever seen. It absolutely blew my mind, and he was truly a highlight of the whole conference. It's so hard to put into words how wonderful the performance was. You've just got to experience it for yourself.

Claudia D. Stromski
I recently experienced your presentation in Wenatchee, WA at the WSRA conference (May 3, 2004). I have not stopped talking about it to friends, family and co-workers. The show was magical, moving, captivating and inspirational. I was not aware of anything else in the room. Your music, art, and vision moved me deeply. Tears welled up during the "show" as I was over-whelmed with your passion to share your life connections through your unique, powerful, and creative venue. It far surpassed any presentation I have ever experienced. I am honored to have signed your Signature Project. I hope your travel to the midwest via the northern route is spectacular. I spoke with you during the signing and discussed your journey to the Chicago area and you decided to take the northern route. The vastness of some of that part of our country will, I am sure, be a great canvas for your continued journey. God Bless you in your travels. P.S. I absolutely love your CD. - Claudia D. Stromski

Paul Morway @ Carter School
I don't believe I've seen six year olds sit for an hour engaged as well as they did with your intriguing and highly informative presentation. Upon returning to the room the discussion generated from the music, art, and information created a barrage of questions and observations. They realized the realm of art goes beyond paint and brush, and can include normally unthought of mediums. Many eyes were opened and minds broadened to a bigger picture, and to think outside the box. Thank you for the enlightening presentation.

Joan M. Gower
Mr.Dunning, today my 7 year old boy got off the school bus and immediately told me in a very excited fashion that he had just been part of the best enrichment program of the year at his school. He talked to me in detail about the program and then we got on the web site so that he could make a comment. He has now gone to bed and I would like to convey to you how excited John Xavier is about your art and your music. He spoke in even greater detail at our dinner table this evening about what you created from your studio by a bridge over the ocean with the sun and the water and the signature project. I thank you and our PTA that this magic came alive for my child today and that he came home with such passion about what he had heard and seen! Joan Gower

Dan Somerville
Patrick, Thank you for your presentation at the Brownfields Conference. I was deeply moved by the ideas, images, and sounds that are a part of the Signature Project. Having the opportunity to be a part of this endeavor by signing the panel was especially rewarding, as was having the opportunity to meet you. Truly, I was astonished, delighted, and inspired by the scope and artistic ingenuity that the Signature Project embodies. I am an educator currently managing a program that will focus on youth participation in the movement toward creating more ecologically sustainable communities. It is called 'Our Town.' I believe that your work has such a natural appeal to youth that it will inspire many of them to create, and to become positively involved in the world around them. I wish you continued good fortune with all your work, and I hope to cross paths with you down the road. P.S. I can't wait to try the Irish soda bread. Sincerely, Dan Somerville

Christie Norbury
You Blew My Mind!!!!! I was mesmerized by your show. I just wanted to crawl inside your mind and buckle up for a wild ride! Your enthusiasm was infectious, and made me feel renewed and rejuvenated. I saw the show yesterday, and haven't stopped thinking about it.

Angela Skjeie
Absolutely brilliant! What an extraordinary piece of art. I felt very priviledged to have been able to contribute my signature!

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