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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Amelia T.
Thank you Patrick for an inspirational and extravagant performance. You changed the way i thought about LIFE... No amount of thanks could equal to 16 years of your life. Thanks for coming to DeBusk.

Jennifer Teague
Thank you for reminding Doak Elementary School that we are all part of an amazing world and yet we are all connected in so many ways. Life itself is beautiful and you gave our school a refresher course in that today. I am blown away by your project and honored to be a tiny part of it. You are a creative genius. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Julian Cantu
i was there at your amazing project in new Jersey Alexander Hamilton.IT WAS AWSOME!!!!!im in THOMAS JEFFERSON school and i am 10 years old.

Jonathan N
My name is Jonathan. I am a student at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and I saw your presentation at Alexander Hamilton. I thought the Irish Vision effect was INCREDIBLE!! If you keep following your dream, I'm sure that, after all the hard work you have already done, you will complete the signature project. I would be extremely honored to sign and to help you accomplish your dream and make all of that hard work pay off. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

Maureen Santisi
I would like to purchase the poster you have for sale, but I don't see a way to do so on "store" page on your website.

I saw your show at Washington School(Westfeild,N.J.) It was great!I liked the duet with your brother on the phone!10/26/10

You came to our school today and I LOVED your presentation. I tried to re-find some of the things you showed us on the internet only I couldn't find anything. I think that if you put something up on you tube more people would know about the project. Thanks!

i just saw this presentation today at my school in , i am in 8th grade. i cannot describe how amazing it was. i cannot put into words how i felt and still feel! it was so moving and everything was so different but powerful in it's own way. this is the most devoted and absolutely astounding piece of art i have ever seen in my life. this is a huge inspiration to me and i appluad you for having such passion for it. i have reliezed that i need something more in my life so thank you for opening my eyes. amazing.

Nikki Levy
I was at my daughters school today and she loved it!You are a very extrordinary person to do this, and may it come toghether soon!

Lorraine Piazza
Both my daughters saw your presentation today in Ridgefield, CT and it is one of the only times they have ever come home from school bursting with excitement and they think you are amazing and your project is awesome. Thank you for inspiring young minds! art and

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