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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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hi im from burgess ellamentery school. im in fith grade i have mrs.Rossiolli and moiss sosic.You viseted our schoole on october 14 2010. i thought your preformence was INCRETIBLE,i was blown away. i just wnted to know why we couldn't sighn The Signature Project?

Anna Sosik
i am a student from Bugess elamentery school the girl you put your glowing thumb in my face i thot your show was the coolest thing in the entir world.

Laurie Placella
I was awestruck from the beginning to end of each layer. Your talent as an artist, musician, and storyteller is beyond words. What an inspiration to the children who attended from Burgess Elementary, Sturbridge, MA. I was honored to have the opportunity to sign and be part of this amazing project. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Mitchell Bell
I just saw your show today at Burgess Elementary and it is the best presentation put on at our school in my 22 years here. All of my students were impressed as well. Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

joshua tse
i loved the show. how did you think about doing it. but any way IT WAS AWESOME!:)

Hi im Ava from the monmouth beach school in NJ i am a fith grader and I loooooved your work! thanks so much for coming!

you came to my school monday. it was fantastic!

Devin Strange
Today i saw your presentation at Union Township Middle School. WHile nobody really seemed to take it too seriously, rather than focusing on your presentation they were fixated on how you pronounced " White", I really was quite inspired by your work. I mean, I'm quite sad I never got to speak with you after, but i understood you were busy. I am from Rosscommon, and i know at least one other kid is too. Anyway, thats beside the point. I mean, the fact that you could mix together philosophy, music, art, and sheer will power, to create such a massive and immense porject. You sir, are truly inspiring, even to a 7th grader.

Hi - thanks for a great presentation at UTMS today - really enjoyed your electric guitar! The project it so cool with all the hidden things!

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