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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I had a school assembly about this about 2 weeks ago. It was fantastic and breathtaking. It left me speechless in my chair--I didnt want it to end! The only problem is that some of the things he did (ex: phone call to his brother) seemed pretty fake. Also, he's doing all this hidden work that people may never see, then hes going to stack it up and put it on a CD-ROM? Oh well...I also loved his "Irish View" (I believe thats what it was called...)with the eye on the bridge that reflected on the water. And the heart that he grabbed and made into a light was fascinating. Finally, I was a little bit disappointed that we saw this entire inspiring hour-long assembly and weren't even allowed to sign. All in all, this was a great assembly and an awesome project. Keep up the great work, Patrick Dunning!

I saw this presentation today and I thought that it was REALLY cool! The fact that you can make a giant picture out of millions of signatures is just AMAZING! 5-21-10

I saw the presentation a month ago and I still can't get it out of my mind. It was amazing, I loved it. It was almost like magic. Patrick, your imagination and determination to finish this amazes me still.

hi, i was at your assembly for elkins park school and id like to say how amazing and frustrating it would be to make that. but i have an idea. you should ask Obama to sign it. you dont need to write back, but just consider it. ps BYE!!!!

Fay Rosenthal
Wow! Whata legacy you will leave!!!! So impressive!

i like what you do with your art work it is cool and i like the music your brother made

your show was very good and i realy like your muisc to

Sue Heffernan
I was completely moved by your presentation at Kings Road School; it was truly amazing. I am inspired to spend more time on the things in life that really matter to me rather than just the things I "have to do." Thank you so much for such a wonderfully uplifting experience! It was incredible and so exciting to be part of your ongoing project. Keep up the amazing work and keep being passionate about the important things in life!!

This is so cool ! I'm in Lower Gywendd elementary school and I'm a student in fifth grade you came to my school on may 20th I want to become like you when I grow up. This is really cool and I love your brothers Irish music you are a very talented person. This is the coolest assemble every in my life. I love your GIANT signature project. I've been in lower gwynedd for 6 years and this is the best assemble ever in my whole entire life BY FAR I hope I see this assemble again and again. This is such great art work and I cant explain how good it is it's better than good it's terrific I loved the picture of your body in there that was amazing you truly enspierd me you have great art work I want to become like you when I grow up your amazing awesome, terrific, outstanding THANK YOU!!!!! for coming to my school Lower Gywendd elementary :)

Hello Today I saw your show the Signature Project at my school I just loved it! Its was amazing to see the wonderful art that you create! Thank you for that experience!

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