The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Isabel Brownlee
we just had the show today; it was amazing and indescribable.

Jaden Cheddar
you made me feel happy and I really appreciate that. you play a really good guitar, could you come back to kings road school again? Jaden

Jack Roberts
if i were you i wouldn't fold it into a 4x4 cube. you will waste your whole life project. show it as a big portrait and im sure it will get more attention and notice. If i were you id listen to me!

Lisa Liguori
Thank you, Patrick, for visiting West End School! My students and I were so fortunate to see you and the Signature Project at an assembly. The show was truly spiritual and inspirational!

My school saw this today and everyone was saying it was the coolest thing they have ever seen.

you came to my school west end lynbrook ny you are so cool mr ajello was my teacher did jb one was my cousin on the screen

Jenny Winn
I just wanted to thank you for the great honor of signing your Signature Project. I was emotionally moved by your presentation at my school. I don't think I have ever been touched by art and music like I have today. Thank you for sharing your inspiration, passion and vision. I cannot wait to see the completed project.

Aneara R
Thank you for coming to our school (Barker Road) I really enjoyed your presentation!!! :)

I saw your show today when you came to my Middle School and it blew me away! Without a doubt, that was the BEST show I HAVE EVER SEEN! This was the highlight of my entire week. You put so much enthusiasm to the presentation which really made it amazing. If i would, I would come see you again and again and again. God has blessed you with this great gift and keep on working hard! THANKYOU SO MUCH!

Sara Torres
You went to my school about a week ago at Pequannock Valley Middle School.Your work is amazing and out of this world. May God Bless You to finish the art

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