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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Jennifer Lambdin
I went to the presintation at my child`s school. It was AMAZING!

Dear Mr. Dunning, I enjoyed your presentation you hosted at our school. It inspired me to make my own project like yours. I like the blues that you played. Your father must have been a nice man. It was interesting when we heard morris code. The music was interesting and your brother is a great music writer. Sincerely, Stephen

I like your big picture you are making.My dad likes the picture you are making. You were at my school and I enjoyed the BLUES. You play the guitar really well. My brother has a eletric guitar and plays the BEATLES. I saw my teacher Mrs.Olenick sign the picture out of names at our school. Tell your brother that he is a great song writer and player. I like your cat. I forgot your cats name. i liked the morse code that you made for Irish soda bread. That was very funny that you made a morse code that told you the ingreadince to Irish soda bread. It is. I liked it when you took a piece of your heart . That is very cool how you did it. Your eletric guitar is cool. It was cool when you put some kind of light and put it over a square and showed a hand of all the seasons. Can you tell your brother that he makes good songs up. Can you do that. O.K. Your cat is very cute just to let you know. I like the bird on the picture. It is pretty. Tell your brother i aid hi . I have to go now bye.

Dear Mr. Dunning the project is great I think you should keep at it the stars and sun with the bird it makes a great picture from stephen

I really like your idea. I am from Irwin School East Brunswick NJ. How did you get the thing where you put your hands close to it and it makes a nois. 5th grader 4/30/10

Michele Moore
I was truly moved by the assembly program at Irwin Elementary School. It was amazing to see the fusion of art, music and technology used in such a creative and personal way. It was a beautiful representation of how we are all connected.

Christine Duggan
Hi Again, No, I'm not stalking you! But my son really wants to put his signature on your work. Any way we could do that? Thank you!

Christine Duggan
Hi There! My son Joseph is a student at Woodmere school in Eatontown and saw your show today. He can't stop talking about you and your project. I LOVE that he can be so inspired by an artist. Thank you!

cindy hansen
I am sending an email regarding payment for your assembly on 3/19/2010. I spoke to our Accounting department and they need to receive an original invoice for payment for services. Please send the invoice to: Mr. David George Acct. Everett School District PO Box 2098 Everett WA 98213 I tried to locate an email address and this is all I found.

ann kane
How can I purchase the cd listed in your store? My students are still talking about the assembly and I'd like to bring your music into our writing class. thanks! AK

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