The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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laura velez
dear mr.Dunning,just today you went to my school and your preformance was amazing!my school is LAKESIDE ELEMENTRY.and my teacher got to put her name on part of the earth and i was so inspired by your preformance that i want you to put my name on the scculpture.P.S i was the one who said i knew how you didi that in the cafeteria.P.SS it was my friend who also told you

kenya de jesus
your show was soooooooooo cool and i especialy liked your cute cat baily and you were right lakeside is the best school in the u.s.a and the motorcycle sounds first it sounded like farts ha!ha!ha!

ana belen oviedo
great performance in lakeside!!keep that perceverance!! YOU ARE GONNA MAKE IT! I PROMISE!!

Japanese Ass Booty
any changes coming ?

hunter lavenia
hey u just performed at my school lakeside elementry u were awsome inever knew u would be so cool also that time when u took a piece of ur heart and when u took a picture of a train set and it said lakeside elem was was the best school ever thank tou

ana belen
INCREDIBLE SHOW AT MY SCHOOL LAKESIDE ELEMENTARY!!! im yournumber1fan!!! keep doing a great job on the signature project!

jeremy hesny
thanks for the show it was the best show i have seen in my life!

cameron wheeler
you where great you just performed at my school lakeside elm hop you come back to my school you where the best performer weve scene

austin scrima
u were great.when u pulled out a piece of your heart i was amazed.your cat is soooooo he slept was halarious.the motorcycle thing was sick(sick in a good way,not in a bad way).lakeside elementary is the best school in the u.s.a.the fart thing was sick too.

Ms. Uva Schabbel
Amazing project Mr. Dunning. Our class thought you were outstanding and very inspirational. THANK YOU for "The Signature Project" and for touching our lives! Ms. Schabbel's 4th grade class

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