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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Ms. Uva Schabbel
Amazing project Mr. Dunning. Our class thought you were outstanding and very inspirational. THANK YOU for "The Signature Project" and for touching our lives! Ms. Schabbel's 4th grade class

Dinora Escalera
Dear Mr. Patrick Dunning, I was in fifth grade when I saw your assembly at Bishops Peak Elementary school! I saw your presentation and I was blown away! After the assembly I was still amazed. When school ended my sister and I saw you putting away your stuff. We went over and said hi. We then asked you how many people at our school signed your project. You said none, but because of the nice wonderful man that you are you asked me and my sister if we wanted to sign it with great pleasure we accepted. We signed were you told us to sign and said thank you i still have the post card of the finished project. I am very glad! When I am older I shall always cherish you and your project. I will also go see it when it is completed! I am now twelve and in middle school! thank you- 11-12-09 11-

Emma James
I am from Coal Mountain Elementary and I think that your Signature Project is the most complexed and amazing thing I have ever heard about. The most cool things were that the picture was made of real SIGNATURES! I thought that it was just a name for the project that most represents you. I also enjoyed all of the hidden masterpieces. What I saw today is almost unexplainable with all the beauty, time and effort sharing your creation a little bit at a time to the world. I would love to see more from you if you post anything else up online. You have truely inspired me and many others with your vision and artwork. Thank you so very much.

Haley Allison
You came to my school and I thought that your show was awesome! I could not believe all the signatures you had on your project. It was so cool! Thank you! 11-10-09

Lindsey Ward
Patrick, I remember seeing you at Myers Park Traditional School on Nov.9,2009. I think the signature project is awesome! I've always wanted to do something like that, but I've never had the time. You took a bunch of signatures and put a bunch of stuff over it and under it and made the most awesome piece of artwork in the world! Keep up what you are doing now! P.S, tell your brother I think he is a very good musician.

Laurren Markon
My 7 year old Ethan came home from school last week talking about this amazing artist he saw at school. He was so impressed with his work that he immediately asked to go on his website to learn more about him. He was very impressed by Patrick his art and wanted a copy of the poster as a memento. Thank you Mr Dunning for inspiring my son.

Regina Purcell
I wish I could verbalize what Patrick's project meant to me. It was the lifting of my limited mind into a realm of artistry, beauty, family, emotion, special lives and uncovered meanings. I think this project would be fantastic for Middle and High School age students because it would show them the beauty of expanding theur own minds and talents at an age when they are growing and achieving the most! It was a touching and beautiful expression of life and I want everyone I know to experience it! Thank you, Patrick! P.S. How can I get your Mom's recipe for Irish soda bread?

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Parker Brown
Wow! That signature project... I'ts awesome! Me and my classmates LOVED the assembly that you gave US to see your magnificent masterpiece. How in the world did you do the hand thing? Plus, what's your brother's phone number ? I forgot only I didn't forget the 011 part. I would be delighted to sign a wonderful masterpiece with millions and millions and millions of signatures. Thank you thank you........ 11/06/09 J.V. Washam Elementary

Anna M. Blankenship
I was moved to tears while watching your presentation today at JV Washam Elementary in Cornelius, NC. Your talent and vision are awe inspiring. Thank you for sharing your project and allowing us to be a part of it.

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