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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Becky Frank
Hi. I was at your show on Friday and I really wanted to know if I could sign it somewhere now that I have my parents permission. It was amazing!

h, 13
you came to my school today 10/30/09 i thought it was really cool how your were doing this and 5 million years from now people will try to figure out the misterious code and hidden featureS OF THE "RUBIX CUBE" BOXES hope you finish and it will be prtty cool for poeole to try to figure it out, like the "moris code" and such its like a huge math puzzle! your AMAZING dued! ceep on rocking out! ~h

Caitlin Jones
I saw you today at the Newtown Middle School and I thought you were amazing! Everything about your presentation made me think about life and how we should live it to the fullest! Thank you for coming to my school and giving this presentation I will never ever forget!!!!

I had just gotten home from school today and The Signature Project had some to my school that day. I WAS THRILLED! The presentation was amazing and the information and creativity was just outstanding! It inspired me to stay on the course of me wanting to become a freewrite author. THANK YOU PATRICK DUNNING!!!!!!

Judy Catanese, Science Teacher
Our students were fully engaged in this inspiring presentation of your inovative art. The multiple layers of each square were amazing! You showed students what you can do when you observe the world around you and celebrate what you observe in a variety of different art forms! Best of luck with your project!

Jean Walter
I just saw your performance and am humbled. Your artistic vision and creativity is inspiring. In preparing the students for the future, I try to teach the kids the importance of being a creative thinker. You are a living example of a very creative thinker that I can refer to from now on. Best to you on your continuing journey. Thank you!

Jack Breton
Thank you for coming to our school in Wethersfield, Connecticut. I really enjoyed the music, artwork, and stories. I really liked when you called your Brother in Ireland.

hi i am attending reed intermediat school and i loved your assembly thank you

Sean Lee
I saw you today at my school today, Reed Intermediate, Newtown. You were awesome. That is a assembaly I can just see over and over again. Even before I moved to Newtown, we thought we were going to live in Avon, and went to Roaring brook school in Avon, and I saw you perform there too! Thank you for coming to our school! Sean Lee,11

Nancy Anderson
My son David just came home from the Reed School school and said it was the coolest assembly he has ever seen..Good luck on the Signature Project! 10/29/09

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