The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Priscilla Smith, Miami,Oklahoma
It was awsome!!! I saw your show when my school went to go see it!! I thought it was going to be one of those boring assemblies that my school went to every year!! friends and i were talking and then all of the sudden BOOM!!! and i was hooked i could hardly believe my eyes!! it was so amazing!!! The love and emotion that was put into the signature project!!! and ever since i have loved art even more than before!!! thank you!!

Cindy Blomgren
I got a phone call from my friend Shari Ramsey yesterday afternoon urging me to come see your show with my daughter. She knows that my 10yr old has a passion for art. I took her advice and drove approx. 40 miles one way to see what she was so excited about. I'm very glad I did. You had a profound affect on my kid!! She actually cried when you spoke about your father and the music your brother wrote for his son. I asked her if she was sad and she said "NO", she was "Happy". Your words and the music together moved her in such a way that the only way she could express it was to weep in gladdness. As she signed your board, I told her she would be part of a very great thing that would move many people. Congradulations

Amy Ott
i am speechless right now all i can say is that was AWESOME!!!! also thanks for comeing to centennial school i loved the show. the website is GREAT to! i also love that song that you had that we can buy! that experience was the best i've seen in my 11 years of living!!!!!! THANKS probably isn't good enough for that show, but even so THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Merges
This was the best presentation I have ever seen in a school. I think that every child on the planet should see The Signature Project. On a personal note I think Mr. Dunning would find it interesting to look at the work of Richard Taylor at the University of Oregon. Dr. Taylor's research into how Pollock's paintings and natural fractals reduce stress is very interesting. Fractals in art helped me see how many things in life are interconnected. Thank you for a great show. Sincerely, Kevin Merges

Heather Murphy
I enjoyed your presentation on 11/06/03 at Oakland Elementary in Butler, PA. The melding of art, music, humor and humanity was moving. The children loved it. After seeing you I can understand why people had a hard time describing what your show is like. Many Thanks, Heather Murphy PTO President

Carol Adams
Dear Patrick, In the recent history of man there has been only one other project that comes close to your artistic endeavor to express man's place in the universe. That other project is the Disk Carl Sagon had made to accompny the Voyager on it's mission to Mars and beyond. The purpose of the Disk is to contact other intelligent beings with messages describing our world. I was born in Bangor County Down Northern Ireland and worked at JPL Pasadena during the Voyager project. Quite frankly, I would have loved it if your Signature Project could have gone along on that mission. Surely, the recipie for Irish Soda Bread, celebration of life and love of our families is as strong if not stronger an introduction than would be accomplished by the Disk. Best - Carol Adams

Ang Li
i consider myself to be an artistical person and i've been finding ways to conbines my love for music and art as well as my CHinese ancestry. Your project is such an enlightenment, that it has just taken up my entire to-do list! I the way you enbeded every single ascept of your personal life as well as the world's into one single art piece. I'm sure that this project will go down into the history book to be one of the most important art pieces. love your brother's song, i absolutely love it. it's so dreamy and compassionate that i flet like crying in joy when i heard it. Is it possible to download it. I'd absolutely love that. thank you so much again for the coolest and most artistic presentation. it was truly an eye-opener :) ang

Bev Ruhland
I saw your show at the Northwest Environmental Conference on October 16, 2002, in Portland, OR. It was truly a wonderful thing from so many perspectives. It was entertaining, with beautiful art and music, and thought-provoking intricate associations of people and the world of nature, creativity, and science. It is sure to appeal to all ranges of age and experience. I only wish I could have been one of the signers!

Kris Petersen
I recently had the pleasure of having Patrick's display at an assembly at my middle school. Words can't describe the emotion, beauty, and creativeness of this project. One teacher said, "In my 21 years of teaching, this is the best assembly I have ever seen." Students were equally impressed. The integration of music, the arts, and crtical thinking is something that everyone should see if given the opportunity! Highly recommended! Kris Petersen Principal Lynden Middle School

You were at my school, Spring Creek Elementary Nov.9-2oo4. I think that what you are doing is brave and it is showing people all around the world that life is full of suprises, and that anything is possible.

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