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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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mark carrow
Hi Patrick, I truly enjoyed your show on 3-4-03 at Pioneer Jr High & thank you for taking time to personaly talk to me after the show. I can't wait to see it finished and know that I along with a million other signers will feel true joy. Thanks again, Mark Carrow

Becky McCarthy
Patrick Dunning's Signature Project is an unforgettable experience. At first I was mesmerized by the depth of creativity, special effects, and inter-connectedness. It is full of symbolism. As he says, there's another way of looking at things & what I saw reminded me that there are parts of us so deep they are invisible to others unless seen in a certain light, or only as an image. All the names-each one is significant; the people we meet leave an impression on our hearts. And the heart shining brighter than the sun is divine love. The arms spanning the universe belong to the Creator embracing all of humanity/creation with love and compassion for all nations. I think this is also a symbol of Patrick, himself. His father, mother and brother are an integrated part of him, along with his appreciation for music, beauty and nature. I've seen this twice and wish all my friends to see it,too.

Megan Zager
hi,today you came to my school(saywer woods)december 3rd 2004 I loved it when you called your brother on the phone and when you did the mortorcicle sounds it was so amazing and I think that you work is so so so so so so so so so amazing

I was very moved by your art. For me it had a commanding and yet gentleness of spirit beckoning each citizen of the world to contemplate on the meaning of humanity. It was a visual representation of an unspoken poem of what has been, what is, and the hope of what could be. Your use of layers was very effective and I felt as if each layer represented a secret buried in the hearts of men. I can not wait to hear that is all finished! I hope you get your corporate sponsors. Long live the Irish! ;)

Joy Heffron
Wow! That was some program. You made us feel so good. Thank you. (You came to Kansas and visited Holy Spirit School)

Karrie Locke
What a wonderful experience! The students and I loved your presentation and your work!!!

William B. Archer
I was present at you recent show at the Lima, Ohio Civic Center for Procter & Gamble 7/15/04. As an artist myself, I replicate Tiffany stained glass shades, I can appreciate the thought, preperation and skill needed to do such a show and project. Thanks for coming to Lima. Do you have a shoe schedule as I have some family members I would like to have see your show. Thanks again.

Lynn Brennfoerder
Our two sons were so impressed with your presentation at Will Rogers Middle School that they insisted I see the evening performance in Miami, OK. I didn't imagine that it would be anything like what I experienced. The creativeness of the whole project is awesome and your presentation is inspiring. I couldn't help picturing the signatures as a tiny example of what God will be seeing as he checks the Book of Life to see if each individual one of our names are written there to accept us into Heaven. Thank you for your patience and for allowing us to sign it. I just wish my wife could have been there to complete the family in one tiny corner of your painting. Hurry and get the CD finished so we can show her our signatures!

Amy Chambers
HI, i just wanted to say wow! Words can't even explain how you music and yourtalent made me feel when youcame to my middle school. You are truly talented. That was amazing that you had put all the peoples name from September 11 on board 43. I lover how the hand was almost touching them like you know how they felt loosing there lives. now thoes people who did loose ther lives or to the people who knew someone who lost ther life my life goes out to you. I did have the honor of writing my name on the board and it was probily a once in a life time experence that I probily will never have again but one experence that i will always remember. Thank you soo much for sharing your time and effort with my school and myself it was an honor.

Cheri Hansen
My 1st graders were totally enthralled with your project. I've never seen them so focused on a presenter at our school. Thank you for sharing your awesome talents and ideas with us. We will never forget it.

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